Where to donate our bodies for Lyme Research?


To learn more about how to donate tissues from your body for Lyme research watch this video and email donatebrain@gmail.com.

Jenn Robertson contacted ILADS to find the answer to this question and this is what they responded: 

“Thank you for contacting ILADS.Dr. MacDonald is no longer accepting donations. Dr. Fallon at Columbia accepts slices of brain tissue. Contacting NIH is another possibility.

Additionally, you can contact the following organizations:

Lyme Research Alliance

Body Donation to Science and Medical Research
This company accepts bodies and if you visit their website you will see how to go about donating your body to them.

Thomas Grier says, “Columbia accepts bodies but you have no say in how the body is used. There are numerous brain banks for dementias, MS and Parkinson’s studies to donate to. I am the only ones that get testing results back to the family and use specific stains for borrelia.” So you can contact them on Facebook: Click on Thomas Grier.


Other then that, we don’t know. It seems that you pretty much have to pay to have your body shipped after death for research to different research facilities and then you really have no say in what they are researching.

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