Who’s Who in the Lyme World


This will be a continuing work in progress.

Authors of the Flawed IDSA Guidelines

Gary P. Wormser – Raymond J. Dattwyler – Eugene D. Shapiro – John J. Halperin

Allen C. Steere – Mark S. Klempner – Peter J. Krause – Johan S. Bakken – Franc Strle – Gerold Stanek

Linda Bockenstedt – Durland Fish – Stephen Dumler – Robert B. Nadelman

Authors of Lyme Books

Dr Stephen Buhner
Michael C. Carroll
Andrea H. Caesar
Janet Decesare
Vanessa Farnsworth
Dr Denise Lang

PJ Langhoff
Katrina Makris
Jenny O’Dea
George R. Popovici
Sharon Rainey
Nick Vittas


(This is a list of doctors who have gone public with their research and treatments)

Jeff Arnson
Dr Stephen Buhner
Dr Willy Burgdorfer
Dr Joseph Burrascano
Daniel Cameron, MD
Thomas Grier
Dr Charles Ray Jones
Daniel A. Kinderlehrer, MD
Dr Denise Lang
Dr Kenneth Liegner
Dr Elizabeth Maloney
Thomas Moorcroft, DO
Armin Schwarzbach, MD, PhD
Samuel Shor, MD

Doctors who have Battled the Medical Boards

Dr Kari Bovenzi

Dr Joseph Burrascano

Dr Jaller

Dr Joseph Jemseck

Dr Charles Ray Jones

Dr James Gloor

Dr. Geoffrey Gubb

Dr Hoffmann

Dr Denise Lang

Dr Ernie Murakami

Dr Kenneth Sandström

Dr Therese Yang

Two Whistleblowing Pharmacists in Strasbourg, France Suspended


Deb Elder (Divegirl Deb) (US Activist)
Trish McCleary (Massachusetts Activist)
Karen Smith (Australian & Global Activist)

Musicians Bringing Awareness

Lisa Bevill
MC Herx
Emily Madden
Caleb McGinn
Kelsey O’Brien
Emily Strauss
Alisa Turner



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