17 Year old Speaks at Hearing regarding Lyme Disease, will move you to tears.

17 Year Old Sophia Speaking at the Assembly Committee on Health for Lyme Disease Awareness 2/3/16

If this does not touch your heart, nothing will. Way to go Sophia you are true warrior already. We wish you the best and want to thank you for the changes you will inevitably create with our testimony.

Please click on the Youtube video and leave a supportive comment for Sophia. Thank you!

Wisconsin Lyme Law

2014 Wisconsin Lyme Awareness Month Proclamation

Lyme Disease in Wisconsin

49 thoughts on “17 Year old Speaks at Hearing regarding Lyme Disease, will move you to tears.”

  1. I understand and yes they all think its a joke . I’m hving no luck with treatment either . God bless you young lady. You might be the one that makes a difference.

  2. Sophia, your speech just came through on my feed one year later. Thank u for ur bravery & for being the voice for so many Chronic Lyme Disease patients. I agree that we need to be treated w compassion & not to be discounted bc of the name of our Disease. So many of us r suffering. I hope that, one day soon, there will be a cure and it will be available to all. We all need to keep fighting!

  3. Sophia, what a brave young woman you are. I admire you and your willingness to tell your story. There are many Lyme supporters out here in the world. Some of us “get it” only because we see it wreak havoc in those we love. Health and hugs to you and your beloved family.

  4. Thank you for speaking for so many of us. You are amazing and courageous young women and we are so proud of you! You are going to change the world and we will be there to help you. I passed lyme to our six children who have suffered terribly at the hands of medical ignorance. There are answers out there. Stay Strong and keep fighting, you’re family is in our prayers.

  5. Great job Sophia. Experienced all you did with doctors used my body as pharmaceutical dump with no concerns of my health or conditions.
    Read a few good books bought a cheap rife machine , and started taking Results RNA. It’s a slow process but it is really working. Wish you and your family the best,

  6. Thank you Sofia, you speak for sooo many! I hope we will start to be heard. I also hope that you and your family will find the help you need. With love ❤️

  7. Thank you Sophia for speaking on behalf of all of us. We all hope for a better future. You did an amazing job sharing your story. Don’t lose hope! Don’t let Lyme win!

  8. Thank you Sophia I am grateful I contracted Lyme after I had my kids it’s hard enough dealing with it myself let alone watching my kids with it. Keep your strength and don’t let the bastards beat you. 😘

  9. Please know that there are doctors out there that treat pediatrics. My son suffered for several years until we finally figured out who to see. When finally tested, he was CDC positive and a very sick little boy. We were lucky to find a doctor that saw the domino effect of health issues and we went lyme can create and went to battles on all fronts. We did many different treatments. Some were key (top three were antibiotics with long term/high dose IVIG and GcMAF-back when you could get the injectible from First Immune) and some did nothing. For him, treating everything that surfaced as an issue (immune system, bacteria, gut health, allergies, detoxing, etc.) got him back to health.
    His labs are clean and he has been symptom free for two years. I will always be vigilant to a possible relapse and will continue pushing a healthy lifestyle and would NEVER vaccinate him again.

  10. Sophia, thank you for being so brave. I know how you and your family have been suffering. I myself have had lyme and both my daughters have chronic lyme. It is difficult to find lyme literate doctors. We have been told many times that you no longer have lyme after you have been on long term antibiotics. These doctors are all so wrong. We recently found a Hollistic Doctor in Portland Maine we travel 3 hours one way to see him. He is amazing and inexpensive he will perform muscle response testing and will come up with the right meds for you to take go once a month for follow up and he also gives you HERXING meds to help PM me on Facebook for more info. Vicki Yoder-Dubreuil

  11. Sophia you are one courageous woman!! I too have lyme and so do both of my children. There are modalities out there that can help you. There are numerous books that give hope and one of those is “Escaping The Lyme Inferno”. The people who wrote their memoirs are courageous like you! Keep fighting, you will get better.


  12. Thank you, Sophia! You are a very brave young lady. I have Lyme and gave it to my two daughters. Thank you for being our voice. Keep on fighting!

  13. That was a fantastic speech! I would have never been able to be so succinct in that situation. Congratulations for helping our generation of forgotten children.

  14. I also suffer from Lyme disease also my four children. There needs to be a cure for this diease. They need to stop ignoring it and come to reality that this is a chronic disease!

  15. Sophia,
    I got Lyme, EBV, babesiosis, mycoplasmosis, and cat scratch fever when I was 17 taking an environmental class. We were at a man made pond, studying all aspects of the environment. At 7:30 AM, every Friday, I walked through the long, dewy grass where I found deer hoof prints. I had light bug spray on my arms for the mosquitoes. I never had a rash or saw the tick. I went 2 years undiagnosed, allowing all these organisms to invade every space in my body, including the majority of my brain. I stayed home and went to college in our city, where I met my husband, who was then my professor. I had seizures in his office, I cried in pain in his office, but despite every other professor knowing my situation and then my diagnosis, he was the only person who cared. He brought in a big comfortable chair for me to have all of my episodes in, and would monitor me to make sure I was breathing, repositioning me after I seized into a tangle so I would be in less pain when I could finally move again. I was a chemistry major and microbiology minor. The dean, my microbiology professor, said about my seizures “That’s not something we want prospective students to see when they come tour the building”. I’m sorry, maybe I should have had my grand mal on the floor in the hallway instead of being tucked away a bit in John’s office. I got to the point where I was an Alzheimer’s patient. I would say something and then ask what I just said. Dr Joseph Jemsek has been my Lyme doctor for 7 years now, and he has a large, wonderful group of women PAs who treat pediatrics as well as adults, and he is consulted on every case. I took a medical leave of absence for a year and a half per his orders and had to be watched 24/7. I did go back, graduated magna cum laude with a 3.71 GPA, belonging to 5 honor societies, and majored in Chemistry and minored in Microbiology. I am 27 now. 10 years of my life has been spent suffering, putting on a smile, using a cane, walker, and wheelchair. But, I have been married to the love of my life and God’s gift to me, John, for 4.5 years. My parents are over $200k in debt from my IV antibiotics, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, glutathione and Myers Cocktail injections, visits to Dr Jemsek, etc. That’s not what matters to them though. You know what we both have in common? Our families support us and didn’t turn their backs on us. Some don’t have that luxury. You have PTSD from the abuse you’ve suffered at the hands of doctors, as do I, very severe. But your family “gets it” because they have it. Lean on each other and you will all stay standing. There will be times when you want to end it, there always are, but you are so brave, beautiful, and strong, don’t give up. Don’t feel like you need to do things to put up a facade. If you’re not up to it, then don’t worry about it. I’ve learned a lot in 10 years. If you ever want to talk, my Facebook is Ashley Miller Fields, just private message me, or email me at luvmydobie7@aol.com
    Keep your chin up, love.
    ♡ Ashley

  16. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into BVT aka Bee Venom Therapy for Lyme and Coinfections. Wow what a total game changer for me! I feel phenomenal and have done a 180* in just a short time. It’s THE most effective treatment I’ve tried to date and if I follow the protocol to length, I can achieve full recovery, not just remission. You can do this therapy in the privacy of your own house, it’s cost effective at $60 for a month’s supply of honeybees, and my bees are delivered straight to my door weekly. We only sting 3x’s a week along our spine using acupuncture charts and I have regained the quality of my life back thanks to live honeybees. I am improving and eliminating symptoms one at a time and the benefits far outweigh the minimal pain of a sting that for me lasts less than a minute per sting! There are several BVT groups on FB that outline the protocol, have plenty of testimonies and research/studies in the files sections, and pics/videos. What have you got to lose? Many of us sit on the fence out of fear and doubt. I wish I hadn’t wasted 5 months before starting because now I know this therapy IS the answer to full healing! I am just researching my 1 year anniversary and am so thrilled to be living life to it’s fullest again. It sure as hell beats swallowing handfuls of costly capsules/supplements morning, noon, and night for a lifetime to manage this disease which have failed me time and again and try to get into remission. I’m a true BEEliever know that BVT is nothing short of a miracle and will revolutionize the Lyme community soon. Get your sting on! P

  17. Thank you, Sophia, for speaking out. I have two children who have had lyme and one is still infected, and likely myself. It is terrible watching the plight of children with lyme constantly suffering, discounted, left untreated. It
    ‘s horrible watching your child suffering in agony with headaches, muscle pain, fatigue, and countless other symptoms. We have been lucky to find treatment. wishing you the best. Please don’t give up the fight. You can apply for a treatment grant with the Lymelight foundation.

  18. Brave young lady to speak up. Yes, you CAN contract Lyme in utero. My kids were born with it. I passed it to my husband also. We all suffered to different extents with chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms. Then I found rife therapy. Cheap and easily done at home. It is the answer. Folks! We all have our health back and you can too. Takes a powerful $2500 machine and weekly treatments for 3-5 years, but it will kill the bacteria deep within yr brain and spinal fluids; lyme cannot hide from rife! Hope you find this email and someone to guide you be cuz the Doctors are completely useless. I gave up on the medical community like they gave up on us. Be your own health advocate!

  19. Thank you for your bravery. I sincerely hope the health care system starts paying real attention to Lyme soon. Lots of love to you and your family.

  20. Thank you Sophia for your bravery ! As a fellow Lyme patient who was also misdiagnosed for 15 years I worry very much about my three sons and the complete lack of knowledge and scorn coming out of mainstream medicine towards this disease . We must keep fighting for future generations . I am from Cincinnati Ohio and our City is way behind on this one

  21. what a great job..I am old but have had the very same experience..proud of you I hope your family finds someone to help you.

  22. You did a fantastic job I’ve had Lyme for 16 years and I am poor and disabled so getting treatment is completely out of the question I mostly bedridden and I have no family what so ever. Your life really did make a big difference and I hope that the word gets out in such a way that a lot of money comes to your family and that you can find a liMe literate doctor I know that I have not

  23. My dear Sophia—you are our hero. you speak not only for yourself and your family, but for others that are suffering. We know the pain that you suffer. We know that your life is not the life that any teenager would choose. We are praying for a cure and a change of heart for the Dr’s. that could be making your life a little better. We all carry our cross, but the children have the heaviest cross to bear. Please people, have some compassion for the suffering. Grandma Stange

  24. Please look into mensah medical group …they can help you…trained in methylation disorders …usually those with Lyme also have coinciding methylation issues and high unbound copper (oxidative stress) mensah is trained in this and has outreach clinics across the USA

  25. Well done Sophia! Way to represent! I am so very proud of you! I know that was not an easy task. You are an amazing young lady. My daughter and I have Chronic Lyme and Co Infections and can not get help. Thank you Honey Girl.

  26. Thank you for speaking up Sophia. I too was misdiagnosed for lyme…they said it was psychological.
    You are so brave to speak up! Praying for you and your family to get the right treatment.
    Bless you❤

  27. I am so proud of you for stepping up and exposing the harsh and inhumane treatment that thousands with Lymes and it’s co-infections have to endour every day. It’s bad enough to have the illness but to have doctors treat patients with such distain and even hostility is actually criminal. These doctors took a vow to try and help, but at the very least, do no harm. Mocking, belittling and
    berating were not part of that oath!!!
    THE Morrison group in New York City – Dr. MORENO can help your parents and Dr. SHE TREAT Klein in Brooklyn treats children. Good luck and God bless you

  28. My tears never stop.
    Hopelessness & unimaginable pain has become my life.
    Gut wrenching isolation at its finest while losing everything I worked my entire life for.

    Sophia, I thank you for speaking up.
    This torture is unbearable.
    The thought of children living their entire lives with this pain, mental confusion, this isolation…
    Too difficult for me to comprehend.

    Too sad.
    For a child to feel what I feel each time I go into a doctor’s office with hope & leave with more tears & hopelessness than ever is tragic.

    The entire world needs to be shamed.
    Medical establishments & governments allowing children to grow up in torture & not given a chance should be condemned.

    God bless you & your entire family Sophia.
    God knows & He sees all.

  29. You moved me to tears. You speak truth and wisdom. Amazing testimony. Thank you Sophia. I believe you. I am just like you. Gone thru the same nitemare. I don’t know what it is with the medical community… when it comes to lyme… i know its painful when its get swept under the rug. I know its a worldwide, the hidden epidemic, destroying lives. Most of my family has lyme. I know I was born with it. And I have been sick off and on my entire life. The most expensive misunderstood, under researched disease in the world.

  30. Hello, my name is Margot and I am from the Netherlands. First I want to thank you for your courage to share your story as you did! I also have Lymedisease and co infections. I’ve been to several treaters. At the moment I follow a protocol from a therapist, she had also Lyme and she is medical clairvoyant. She treats Lyme in a new way. I know you get a lot of tips and information. I give you the website, it is in dutch, so you must translate it. I wish you and youre family all the love and understanding that you need!

  31. Hello Sophia

    My name is Tina. I am writing you from Denmark. I have Chronic Lyme and i just found out through a German Doctor that my daughter also was born with Lyme Disease. I think you are great and i am proud of you even though i don´t know you. I hope that you will get well soon and that your speaking out will help.
    Thanks for doing this and take care <3

      1. Dr. Charles Crist, MD
        Columbia, Missouri
        He has been treating me since 2013. Was trained under Dr. Masters, who bears the name of the borreliosis in the Midwest, Masters Disease

  32. Hello my name is john i’m from belgium so my english may not be so good . My doghter is 24 j and she has chronisch lyme disease its hearthraeking to see how she is going from a girl full off life to a girl ho cant hardly take the stairs off here apartement she’s in constant pain all over here body and mind were helpless , there is only one docter in tis country ho helps here but what a price to pay we as parents have work manny houres to pay these bils witchs we gladly do butt what a price to pay not only money butt are hole lifes has changed mentaly its very hard for us parents butt nothing in compare to are dochter we love her and always stand by here . The only thing i dont understand is why they dont recocnice lyme down here i just hope whe dont lose our jobs because that would be catastrofic for are dochter named Kimberly so im sorry its a long mail butt i saw speecch and could not be silent tears in my eyes i say you are a very brave girl and wish you and all tje lyme patients the verry best take care off yourself and now that your family is your backbone bey bey . Sorry for my english

  33. Well done Sophia!! You are extremely brave speaking out like this! Your story breaks my heart though… I got ill 8 years ago when I was 29, I had already lived a good part of my life before I got sick. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be born with Lyme… This year I organise the 2nd #Fix Chronic Lyme charity run to raise money for research into Chronic Lyme and to create awareness. I hope from the bottom of my heart a cure will be found soon, especially for all those children who still have their life ahead of them. Wishing you and your family lots of courage and strength to hang on, all the way from Belgium.

  34. Well done Sophia!! It’s so brave of you to speak out. It breaks my heart to hear your story though. I fell ill 8 years ago when I was 29 years old. It’s been a struggle for me while I’ve already lived a good part of my life without being ill. I just can’t imagine what it must be like to be born with Lyme, missing out on your youth… I organise the #Fix Chronic Lyme charity run for the second year now to raise money for research into Chronic Lyme. I so hope from the bottom of my heart a cure is found, especially for all those children who still have their whole life ahead of them. I hope you and your family can hang on till a solution is found… Wishing you lots of courage and strength all the way from Belgium.

  35. Thank You Sophia for trying to make change on a state level.
    You speak for hundreds of thousands of children being abused in
    the medical system just because they have a controversial disease.
    We need this to stop so that there is no more suffering in silence.
    We have Lyme disease.
    It is real, it is chronic.
    Please help us.

  36. I have chronic Lyme disease and many horrible co infections and viruses and toxicisities and I gotta say you did a great job and represented us very well Sophia you should feel proud of yourself I am proud of you.

    1. Sophia-You were awesome…..Proud of you….God bless you………………..(¯`v´¯)
      Blessings On Your Evening
      ✫God Bless You My Friend ✫
      ******.`•.¸.•´(¯`v´¯) ✫ ´✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫”~ `✫ ´✫¸.•°*”˜˜¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫”~ `★ℒℴѵℯ★ℒℴѵℯ★

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