2 Big Protests Happening in May 2014


Lyme friends, please get ready to attend or help promote 2 big Lyme Protests happening this May! The Mayday Project will be one big gathering in Arlington, VA at the IDSA building with the focus of getting as many people there as we can. We want to make an impact so we need hundreds if not thousands of people to show up! Bring your friends and family to help support you! The Worldwide Project will be multiple Lyme awareness events throughout the world, including several in the United States.  Each state event will be different. The Worldwide Protest is made up of many different campaigns so that people can participate at the physical event in their state or participate at home doing the “Ribbons Across America, ” Samantha’s Green Porch Light” or online Media Campaigns. Please read below for more details.

The Mayday Project

Goal: To get as many Lyme patients and family and friends there as possible. We want thousands this year to grab the media attention. The group, “2 Million Bikers” and “Aids United” will be supporting our protest this year. We believe this will be the biggest Lyme protest yet.

Date: May 22-23, 2014
Where: IDSA Headquarters 1300 Wilson Boulevard | Suite 300 | Arlington, VA 22209

Check these sites for more information on The Mayday Project 2014

Mayday Website
Mayday Facebook Page
Mayday Event Page on Facebook
Youtube Video
DC Volunteers
State Carpools

The Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Protest

Goal: To have multiple protests and Lyme awareness events around each country and state. To spread Lyme Awareness around the whole world. To make people realize that Lyme Disease is a pandemic. We need recognition and research. Click Here to Read More on what the Worldwide Lyme Protest is all about and about our campaigns for 2014.

When: May 16 – 18, 2014

Where: Everywhere, Around the World. There will be more then 25 Lyme Awareness Events in the US and about 25 countries protesting on the same day. Click Here for State Events 

WWLDAP 2013 Website ~ Look at the pictures from last year and get inspired!

WWLDAP 2014 Website ~ Get the latest updates on the Lyme Awareness Events being planned this year.

Get More Information from these sites

WWLDAP US Facebook Page
WWLDAP Worldwide Facebook Page
Twitter hashtag @lymeprotest
WWLDAP Google Page
WWLDAP Pinterest


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