2 Lyme Photo Projects

There are 2 similar projects going on right now in regards  to Lyme Awareness, so as not to confuse everyone here is what both projects are about.

Worldwide “We Are the Millions” Google Photo Album

Click Here to Add Your Picture

This  project was started by Charlotte Therese Björnström. It is a part of the events stemming from the Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Protest for 2014. We would like to show that there is MORE then just 300,000 with Lyme Disease. We would like the world to realize that Lyme Disease is pandemic. It is in almost every country and spreading quickly.

This event will continue until May 2014. Please add your picture. If you need help click here for instructions. 

“We are the 300,000” Picture  Campaign


This project was started by Jessica Bernstein.  Dec 1st Email your photo tolyme300000@yahoo.com and we will post it. All the information about this movement is atlyme300000.wordpress.com/.

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