2017 Lyme News, Events & Deaths

2017 Lyme Disease Awareness News and Events

Hi Everyone, on this page we will try to keep track of anything Lyme disease related that happens in 2017. If you have an event, support group, news, research or know of a passing of a member of our Lyme community and you don’t see it on here, please contact us here.

lyme disease news

Lyme News

lyme disease walks runs rallies and protests

Lyme Disease Events

April 2017 Lyme Events
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May 2017 Lyme Events
June 2017 Lyme Events
July 2017 Lyme Events
September 2017 Lyme Events
October 2017 Lyme Events
November 2017 Lyme Events
  • 2017 ILADS Annual Scientific Session in Boston Thursday-Sunday, November 9–12, 2017 Learn More
February 2017 Lyme Events

Lyme Memorial List for 2017

lyme disease books written in 2017

Lyme Books from 2017

tick borne infection research

Lyme Disease

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 Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

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Borrelia Miyamotoi

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Powassan Virus

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