20/20 Lyme Segment Review

Elaina did a great job telling her story on 20/20. Many with Lyme can relate to seeing her shake, her difficulty in walking, the memory lapses and her struggle with her accent and not feeling like she “fits in.”

In case you didn’t catch the 20/20 segment on Lyme Disease, here is a small segment:


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Great points for the 20/20 Lyme segment:

* Bringing about awareness

* Bringing attention to the fact the Lyme symptoms are not just sore joints and a bull’s eye rash.

* Co infections were finally brought up on national television.


Things that would be great to get addressed in the future:

* Longer show.

* Lyme lumped together with more serious diseases such as cancer and HIV.

* TV shows need to stop asking guest if they are faking Lyme Disease.

Elaina a week after interview


 WIL would like to thank Elaina for putting her story out there to make others aware!

Share your opinions below.

2 thoughts on “20/20 Lyme Segment Review”

  1. lets just ask society what would happen if everytime there was a movie, interview, news segmant, news article…abotu cancer… the question was asked, ‘are you faking this disease?” I wonder what would happen??? probably something similiar to what would happen if politicians were paid minimum wage n given medicare as their primary source of insurance.

    1. My point exactly, why do they always ask the faking question, makes me so mad… Also great point on medicare, I know Im going without treatment and I bet most of the lyme patients in my support group are, because insurance, especially Medicare doesn’t cover anything.

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