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  1. Unfortunately, I was bit by a tick and became very ill. Since I was in southern CA, I could not find a doctor to test me or take me seriously. I cleaned up my diet and had acupuncture and was treated for candida.
    I became pregnant with my son and felt much better while pregnant but became worse after delivery.
    I had a daughter 41/2 yrs later. Once I delivered her, within 30 hours I became extreamly ill with terrible drenching sweats. I became disable but was denied disability. I had seen so many doctors, all saying I was crazy. I finally was diagnosed with lyme and bartonella and many other coinfections 10 yrs later. The CDC called extremely panicked letting me know I was the highest positive in CA. They couldn’t believe I had it so long. I was bedridden most of the time and 95 lbs.
    My son’s health changed drastically in high school was finally admitted to a mental hospital with Bipolor. None of the meds helped. After 4 yrs many drs and even doctor Amen’s brain clinic. They also said bipolor and a lot of brain damage. They have since discovered so many patients they gave bipolor diagnosis really have lyme. I finally found a lyme doctor in our new area we had moved to and he tested positive to lyme and the same coinfections.
    My daughter also became ill during highschool but took her immediately lo lyme doctor.
    They both have improved but my son relapsed either lyme and bartonella again.
    Will either of them ever be able to have children and not pass on the lyme and other coinfections once they stabilize off medication ?
    I’ve never recovered, I’m bed ridden and very ill. I’ve spent over $400.000 k and am out of money, as well.
    Thanks for any helpful info. Gayle

  2. My beautiful daughter, Amy, has been fighting LYME DISEASE for 14 years.
    Her primary care MD wanted to put her on a “chill pill”. As a yoga instructor & nutrition coach,
    my daughter knew she wasn’t “crazy” but ill!
    We had seen every kind of healer trying to figure out a treatment.

  3. I have a 34 year old daughter with Lyme who has been fighting for 14 years. The sad thing is that in the beginning her primary care thought she was “crazy” and wanted her on “chill pills”. We went from one healer to another trying to find an answer. Luckily, she’s being treated by Dr. Klinghardt in WA State and is making improvements and now has a quality of life!

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