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A Good Newspaper Article on the Aids and Lyme Movements

Quoted from the Truthout Article:

“”We’re here because this government has the resources to deal with the AIDS epidemic and they won’t do it unless we force them.” – ACT Up activist protesting the FDA,1988

“I am one of the 300,000 plus annual Lyme patients being ignored by the CDC and HMOs.” – Lyme disease activist protesting online as part of the “We are the 300,000” movement, 2013

Dr. Conant got involved with Lyme when he began noticing that the medical establishment did not believe in “chronic Lyme disease” – a term used to describe the notion that the Lyme bacterial infection can persist past the recommended 2 to 4 weeks of antibiotic treatment. He also heard it implied that patients who believed that they had chronic Lyme disease were crazy.

Having lived through the early years of the AIDS epidemic, where patients were dismissed as criminals who were being punished for sinful behavior, Conant was primed to question notions of “crazy” patients. He began attending Lyme disease conferences and saw that there were indeed patients who continued to be very ill despite treatment – and they clearly were not crazy. ”

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