A Great Rebuttal to the NYT piece on Lyme Disease

Many of you saw and were upset by this awful article called,  “My Son Got Lyme Disease, He’s Totally Fine.” In this article a mother, Apoorva Mandavilli talks about her 9 year old son, Akash, getting Lyme disease, getting diagnosed and quickly treated within weeks, and getting better.

Well, this scenario is what all Chronic Lyme patients and advocates are fighting for. But sadly, that is not the way it usually works. In many cases, the patient is not diagnosed quickly for various reasons, including not seeing a tick or rash, so not relating symptoms to Lyme disease. In some patients, they experience flu like symptoms that disappear before worsening symptoms surface, so doctors do not diagnose Lyme disease quickly enough. In some cases the Lyme tests are not accurate and do not detect Lyme disease giving a patients false negative results. And in some cases, doctors just simply fail to give people antibiotics even when there was a positive test, or if they do, don’t give a long enough course to totally eradicate the infection.

So for many patients, Lyme disease is left in their systems to thrive. They will go on to develop many more symptoms as time goes on and they may or may not get diagnosed with Lyme disease. Many are left to figure it out themselves when the medical system and current tests keep coming back normal and with no suggestions of what might be causing their lingering symptoms.

Well, Dr. Rawls, a physician, who himself contracted Lyme disease, wrote a rebuttal to the New York Times. You can read it here. It is awesome and I wish more doctors would tell the truth about Chronic Lyme disease like he does. Thank you Dr. Rawls.

Real Talk: The New York Times Got It Wrong on Chronic Lyme Disease

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