A Heartbreaking Video from a Mom who Lost Her Son

A Memorial Page for Jimmy

This video is from Amy, a mom who lost her son to suicide after he suffered many years with Lyme disease. It is heartbreaking to watch, to listen to her voice. You can feel her pain. Lyme doesn’t just touch those who have it, it touches everyone who loves the people who have it too.

There is a high rate of suicide amongst Lyme patients. So while the medical community, the IDSA, the CDC all ignore this problem, us Lyme patients and the families of those lost, will go on fighting to get the truth out about Lyme disease and what it does to people and their families.

I don’t like to say Rest in Peace when a person with Lyme passes. I feel like our whole lives are spent resting. So cheers, here’s to dancing in the stars, running in the clouds and being able to finally live, pain free, Jimmy. ♥

You can read more about Jimmy Kimball: TOUCHED BY LYME: When the “perfect storm” is too much to bear.

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