A New Lyme Documentary: The Lyme Alter

The Lyme Altar: A People’s History of Symptoms, Sacrifice & Hope

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“I knew two things about Lyme disease, flu-like symptoms and a rash”.

–          Marie Benedetto, Mother/Patient/Legislative Advocate

Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector borne disease in the US with over 300,000 new cases reported each year. Recognizing the symptoms is our first line of defense.

This documentary details the complex list of symptoms taken directly from the people living with the disease and highlights current treatment protocols along with simple things we can all do to try and maintain a normal life until we find a cure.

Featuring Joseph Burrascano, Jr., MD one of the world’s leading experts on diagnosing and treating Lyme disease along with a host of practitioners who are each striving to find solutions and relief for their rampantly mounting number of patients.

We need to be informed.

We need to protect our families and the people that we love.

This film is a way to start.



For many with chronic Lyme disease, it can often be a lonely journey.  The Lyme Altar shares the struggles of patients in their attempts to get diagnosed and to recover their health.  While there are no magic bullets, there is much power in understanding that there is a community of people with shared experiences.  We are not alone.  Not only are we not alone, but there is great hope in knowing that open-minded practitioners and healers are working hard to advance treatment options and to improve the quality of life in those recovering from chronic illness.

– Scott Forsgren


…very informative and caught the “feel” of what it is like to have Lyme.  Thank you for educating others!

– Teri Drobnick

                                                                         Mother/Patient/Documentary Participant

“The Lyme Altar: A People’s History of Symptoms, Sacrifice and Hope,” a new documentary, focuses on Lyme patients and the doctors who treat them. How their lives were altered by Lyme disease is one of the major themes expressed by more than a dozen patients interviewed in this film. They recount being ignored, belittled and disbelieved by medical practitioners, as they sought treatment for a dizzying array of symptoms. Unlike the Under Our Skin documentaries, The Lyme Altar doesn’t overtly deal with the politics of Lyme. It remains the story of suffering patients and the doctors who do their best to help them.

– Dorothy Leland, blog “Touched by Lyme”

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