A Season of Trials by Aisha


“I left the doctors office with a big smile on my face and a prescription script in my hand.

Off to the pharmacy I went.

7 days of Azithromycin (antibiotic) and Mepron (anti-malarial) should be more than enough, I was told. I believed them, but my gut didn’t.

The week I started these medications, 95% of my symptoms diminished. Migraines … gone, weakness in my arms … gone, electric shock feeling in my head … gone, awful stomach pain (it felt like I was having triplets) … gone. All of the 50+ symptoms I had were mostly gone. I was feeling great and I thanked The Lord for answering our prayers.”

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  1. Hi ! I would like to read your blog but it wont let me… 404 not found. I will try later.. sometimes it’s a gliche. Just wanted to let you know… thanks for sharing your story.. 🙂

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