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logo_frontWhatislyme.com began as a project by me, Lisa Hilton, a Lyme patient. When I first got lisa hiltondiagnosed with Lyme Disease back in 2005 after being sick since 1991, I was shocked at the confusing and conflicting information regarding Lyme Disease.

I got overwhelmed really quickly by the differences in what the doctors were telling me and what patients were telling me.

I decided to start collecting any information I found regarding tick borne infections, as I learned that “Lyme is just not Lyme,” and started putting together a sort of “directory” for information regarding Lyme Disease and co infections.

So began my journey of collecting research, patient opinions, different protocols and therapies that were being used, whether traditional or not.

Nothing on this site is medical advice. It is just a collection of information and experiences that I have learned through my own journey and other patient’s journeys through Lyme disease and co infections. Lyme disease is actually a journey through many different conditions, infections, diseases and disorders, and throw in some gene mutations while you are at it.

Yes, as I said, Lyme Disease is overwhelming, and Lyme is not just Lyme. I hope this website will help you in finding any information to help you along your way to understanding what is happening to you and to better and quicker healing.


~Lisa Hilton

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  1. The NB protocol proboards site is a free tutorial that explains how to cure Lyme disease.

    *What is explained;

    *That biofilms are easily treated and how to do it , instead Calcification is the real obstacle and how to treat that.

    *That, yes “Lyme” disease is an infection but it is also an infectious version of cancer and it can’t be cured unless that is treated and how to successfully treat and reverse that.

    *That Antibiotics are a poor choice to treat Lyme disease and won’t result in a cure, how to achieve a cure is explained, not “in remission”, not “healed”, a cure.


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  3. Hello Lisa, I have been looking for a few things online today regarding lyme disease.
    I have been trying to help a good friend who is in a position that will now require a divorce attorney.
    Her husband of 16 years wants to divorce her ONLY because she has lyme disease.
    She’s here in California with me and I know the basic divorce laws although I don’t know what or how lyme disease affects a divorce.
    Her biggest concern at this moment is how to afford an attorney.
    If you or anyone else can point me in the direction of legal counsel, I would really appreciate it !

    The other reason is, I was trying to connect to a link my friend sent me about “gifts for Lyme” something like that, it’s a Christmas-time app for Lyme patients.
    I clicked on it, but was redirected to this site of yours that I have spent many times reading. Always very interesting, have read many beneficial blogs you have so kindly shared.

    Do you know anything about the website “sign up for gifts for Lyme patients” ?

    It’s ok if you don’t, it’s just that my other lyme friend sent it to me.
    I think because she knows that I spent my last savings $1,500. on a used car that filled up with rain water two weeks after I bought it. It doesn’t run now because the water flooded the electrical board under the passenger seat. It’s sitting in my driveway with a rain tarp covering it. So full of mold when I went to get the title from the glove box my throad closed up.
    It’s my very own petri dish in a driveway.

    I can’t have it taken away until I can find the owner ship title.

    My lyme friend knows how badly I need a car right now.
    I was supposed to start i.v. treatments in July. I haven’t any way to get to his office.
    I’m unable to start my i.v. I need abx to combine with the herbs and other naturapathic treatments. I really felt a huge downslide after that infected fractured tooth extraction that you were so helpful with me about last year.

    My last request was how do I get my Go Fund Me account edited and better written?
    Also, any ideas on how to get my Go Fund Me account or any other fundraisers out there to the right people ?

    Thanks from all my heart, I can barely spell, think or remember anything.

    Thanks for all you do.


  4. my thank you just grew after checking out the site THANK YOU TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF WORK LISA <3

  5. I am 36 living in Southern VA, I was just diagnosed with Lyme about 9 months ago after having it for over 30 years, & I always wondered why I felt different than every one else.
    I think I was born with Lyme since my Dad had been diagnosed when I just 1 yrs old. He had gone into a coma by this point & was at UVA when they linked all his medical problems to deer tick bites on his legs. The DRs told my Mom he would never leave the hospital but he did. He had been medicating himself with alcohol up until the coma, but when he left UVA he didn’t drink again for 12 years. Now I know he started drinking again because his Lyme was triggered again. I was around 13 then & I learned how to give him his diabeties shots, my Mom wanted to divorce him when I was 15 but I begged her not to cause then who would take care of him. I guess I didn’t realize how much I truly did understand his pain until now. I guess that’s why I did every thing I could to help him, even though his disease & alcohol sure could be mean. I guess my having Lyme & not knowing it during that time helped because the bruises may have still been there the next day but I didn’t hold onto to memories long so I didn’t dwell on it. This disease has been my entire life & now that I actually have found a DR that has helped me so much it looks like this disease is still going to take my future because of criminal charges & a defense atty who had never even heard of Lyme at first now he seems to have learned a little but just still keeps telling me I’m going to jail. It’s been really hard this past year fighting for my life in 2 ways. The only reason I’ve held on is because I just knew God had this all planned out & some how my story could help others but it doesn’t look like any one will even get to hear it. So thanks so much for this website & letting me get all this out. Sorry my post was so long.

    1. Hi Jessica, I am so sorry for all you have been through and still going through. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I hope things will change for you and something will happen to give you better days ahead. xo

    2. Jessica, your story is very touching. Is there anything we, as a lyme community, can do to help you, in your situation? We (lisa does ☺) have access to alot of info that may be beneficial to your attorney. Or possibly to a doctor, who may be able to make a statement or testify for you. Reach out and let us know. Best wishes for you.
      ~Michele DB -Lyme

      @tickedofflymie on twitter or

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I tried to contact you through the contact form, but it keeps giving me a “failed to send” message. If there an email address I can get in touch with you at?

  7. Hi Lisa, Great site! So glad I found this. Below is a link to a new book, Escaping the Lyme Inferno, that may give hope to many suffering from a misdiagnosis. 5 stories of how people found a way through this awful maze. Anxiety, Depression, MS, ADHD and more are part of these memoirs. Very inspiring!
    Keep up the great work on this site!

  8. Dear Lisa

    I began treating Lyme Disease in 1985. That makes thirty years ago. The amount of information a Lyme patient gets on line in 2015 is overwhelming!
    Your website is a wonderful contribution to the field. It is beautifully organized,
    easy to access, and contains everything a well informed patient needs. There is none better on the internet. Congratulations! You have provided an outstanding resource for the bewildered, beleaguered, bothered, and befuddled Lymee.
    Dr. Raxlen

    1. Wow, this is very humbling seeing you, Dr Raxlen coming onto my site at all, little less paying me such a compliment. Thank you so very much. I sure do hope it helps. I have been sick a long time, since 1991 I believe, and got diagnosed for the first time with Lyme in 2005. At that time i could hardly find anything other then support groups, which were great, but everything else was a little bit here and a little bit there and it was hard to remember where I read what! So I just decided to put it all together in one spot, and link to the sources where I gathered the info. And it all just grew from there. (Ten years later)

      Thank you so much for stopping by and if you ever want to do a guest post or give me permission to do a post about you, I would love it! Thank you for all you do for Lyme patients, for founding ILADS and for caring about us. I am sure it’s very overwhelming for a doctor to try to figure out this madness, just as overwhelming as it is for us to feel this way. I know there are no easy answers but it’s the pioneers like yourself that will help find them, if not for us, for future generations. Thank you. xo

      Anytime you have anything you’d like me to share, please let me know!

      Lisa Hilton

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