Add Justin Bieber to a long list of Celebrities with Lyme Disease

Justin Bieber and his Journey with Lyme Disease

No one in the Lyme community wishes Lyme disease on anyone. Anytime we hear of a neighbor, a family member, a friend or a celebrity getting Lyme disease, it saddens us. We know the battle that lays ahead for them. And we know the battle they have already been fighting for maybe months or years already.

Getting diagnosed is a journey all in of itself, usually experiencing symptoms for months or years that there seems to be no explanation for as tests come back normal. But once you finally figure out it is Lyme, the journey of trying to find a treatment that works for you, or a doctor you can afford, is a whole other story. Another long journey of experimenting and taking one step forward and a couple steps back, year after long year. And usually doing this with not much support from anyone outside of the Lyme community.

So when you see us all saying wow, Justin Bieber, or Avril Lavigne or Yolanda Foster has Lyme, and we share it again and again on social media, it’s not because we are happy they are sick or want to share this journey with them, it’s more in the hope that this disease, through a celebrity, will finally get some attention. The media likes celebrities, so maybe, just maybe someone will care enough to do a story or two about it. But as for the celebrity, we wish them the best, we wish them the same answers we wish for ourselves, the hope of healing.

So Justin, we wish you the best. We look forward to seeing your documentary on your journey come out and we hope you find some answers to help you to be on your way to feeling better again. And to Hailey, thank you for standing by him and helping him through this. We know it’s as hard on the family members as it is on the person who has it. ♥

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