Angela’s Wish for her Mom

imageedit_13_3441885467 My name is Angela. My mom has Chronic Neuro Lyme Disease and co-infections.  I’m not asking for personal items, just monetary donations. I would be forever grateful to those who donate. This is a wonderful thing to do for those suffering and in need. Thank you for your kindness! 

Needs: I am in need of monetary donations that will aid in my mom’s Chronic Neuro Lyme Disease & co-infections treatment. Please contact me if you are willing to donate and I will be eternally grateful.



How to donate to Angela

You can email Angela at to get her address to send cards to.

OR you can donate at this link to her fundraiser

Note for Potential Donors:
If you donate to Angela’s mom, please comment in the section below so we can keep track of who has been donated to. Thank you!

Wishes Granted so Far

Still waiting for her wishes



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