Angela LeBrun: New Hampshire Activist


Each day of May for Lyme Awareness Month in 2015, would like to recognize someone in the Lyme community that has done something to try to help the Lyme community. There are several “unsung heroes” in our community and we would  like to just offer them a little recognition and make sure that their achievements and efforts don’t go  unnoticed.

Today we would like to recognize Angela LeBrun!

Nominated by her mom, Nancy Bourassa.

Angela, (left with her mom, Nancy Bourassa.
Angela, (left with her son and mom, Nancy Bourassa. ran the Ironman Timberman Sprint in 2011 . “It was a great victory lap for remission at the time.”

Angela is a Co-founder of in Central New Hampshire, who along with her mother Nancy Bourassa saw a critical need to educate the public and spread awareness. The small support group has grown over the years and participated in events like home shows, awareness walks and annual conferences. The mother/daughter team are both deeply affected by Lyme, but their tenacity runs just as deeply.

Angela feels that the best way to fight Lyme is prevention and awareness. With a career in graphic design and marketing, she turned to the digital public to spread the word as she relapsed earlier this spring. A working Mom with twins, a 9 year old, and a Wounded Warrior husband, she reports that she’s lucky to get the grocery shopping done. She can’t always attend, but her voice is heard!

Angela has a huge following on social media (@angela4design) and growing networks allow her to share video, photos, facts with everyone. She’s found that her posts are shared with disbelief in the captions like “Have you seen this?!”, clearly sharing information that would have been unknown otherwise. Just in the first half of May, her tweets have reached more than 7 million people, with 9.83 million in April, largely promoting the Lyme Disease Challenge and other grass roots campaigns all over the world, from Melbourne to Washington DC.

By leveraging the online community and saying the words Lyme Disease over and over, social media is becoming a powerful tool for change, one life at a time.

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Angela’s Album of “Take a Bite out of Lyme” Pictures


5 thoughts on “Angela LeBrun: New Hampshire Activist”

  1. angela, congrats on a job well done. 7 million viewers on your tweets!! WOW 😉

    please thank your husband for me for serving our great country, the huge sacrifices he/your family had to make while he served, the freedoms and safety he/others have provided for us all.

    i hope he’ll be able to have a full recovery since he was wounded overseas.

    hugs/prayers for your entire family,

    bettyg, iowa activist

  2. Thank you so very much, (((((( Angela! )))))) I appreciate everything you have done to promote Lyme awareness and education. I too am in awe that you were able to run that Ironman race! Yay, you!
    I just walked using my cane and am winded. Lyme messed with my heart a lot. It scares me sometimes. What a horrible disease it is. XO

  3. Keep on keeping on Angela, it’s an unselfish thing you are doing raising awareness. Thank you and God bless you in all you do

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