Angelina Fermin RIP 3/2018

Angelina Fermin

We are sad to hear of the loss of Angelina Fermin. Angelina, a  mom of two, died after a long battle with Lyme disease at 60 years old. Being from the Netherlands, Angelina was not able to treat for Lyme disease as it is not recognized there. Angelina became more disabled and fragile over time before finally succumbing to Lyme disease.

In her last year of  life Angelina was taped for the documentary, “SOS, The invisible Epidemic.” You can read more about this documentary at

Our condolences go out to Angelina’s friends and family. ♥

You can read more about Angelina and the documentary visit this link.

If there is anything you would like us to add to this memorial, a tribute or picture please contact us here. 

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