Angie Bones RIP 4/1/2018

Angie Bones 


We are sorry to hear of another loss in the Lyme community. Today we hear of the passing of Angie Bones on April 1st, Easter. You can see from her Facebook page how loved she was and how she touched the lives of many. ♥

Words from Chrissy Bones,

“The Lord rose on Easter Sunday and this time he brought her home. Angie passed away at noon on April 1st from complications of her oh so long battle with Lyme Disease. Jim and Hudson had spent a good morning with her and are doing as well as can be expected. As you can imagine, Jim is heartbroken and will need a minute to plan a proper celebration for Angelina. Services will be in May in Walnut Creek and we’ll let you know details soon. Now you can truly Rest In Peace little angel.”

7 thoughts on “Angie Bones RIP 4/1/2018”

  1. Bless her beautiful heart. My Lyme diagnosis was confirmed on May 23, 2018. I started treatment on May 31, 2018. The pain and nausea are almost unbearable. As much as she is missed, she is at last free of suffering.

  2. I’m unbelievably sadden by this. My husband went to the same clinic in Reno at the same time Angie and Jim were there. We became friends she was a sweet loving person.We talked and text about updates on her and my husbands health. My husband has had lyme for 9 years it has been a constant struggle and it hurt me so much that another wonderful soul was taken from this Lyme. Some times life is not fair but I know that she was suffering from lots of pain and she is in a much better place now. Send Jim and Hudson my Love and Prayers. I know it is a huge lost for them. Peace to Angie my sweet sister you are in good hands now.

  3. This touched my heart because I know the struggle first hand. I have had it for over 20 years and passed it to all four kids not knowing I had it. We have so many different medical issues and conditions from it. Praying the doctors with find something to cure people who have Lyme disease so no more people have to die from it. My prayers are with you!

  4. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Our son had Chronic Late Stage Lyme and passed on Dec 8,2016. He was 35. My husband and I did everything we possibly could. We went to LA for a pain specialist that said I think Randy might have Lyme. He had the rash earlier and no one believed he was bit by a tick. Years passed and he got so bad. He moved back home so we could take care of him. What a blessing for us. He was a respitory therapist just couldn’t do it.
    Such horrible pain! Needed oxygen,brain lesions etc so I understand what you went through. It hasn’t gotten easier. We miss him so much. Thinking of you

    1. What a blessing you and your husband have been to your beloved son. I am so very, very ,very sorry for your grave loss of your adult child from damn Lyme Disease.
      I too have chronic Lyme… my Mom was my biggest strength

  5. May this beautiful young woman rest in peace and finally be free of pain & suffering.
    What a beautiful day to be brought home to God, Easter Sunday.

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