Anne Ney

Anne Ney


Anne Louise (Ottensmann) Ney

We lost Anne on December 13, 2014. If you take a look at Anne’s Facebook page you can tell what was important to her.  Her page was filled with pictures of her kids and her grandkids. Anne truly loved her family. Another thing you may notice is how much Anne was loved by everyone in the Lyme community. Her page is filled with wonderful memories on how Anne touched other people’s lives.

Anne’s final words are: “To my beloved husband, Scott, who loved me unconditionally, in sickness and health, and to my children, who grew more precious with time, to my grandchildren, who blessed my life with great joy and to my wonderful friends….whatever we were to each other we still are. Speak to me in the same way you always have. Laugh, smile and think of me. I’ll be with you in spirit and look forward to our heavenly reunion. Sustained by His Grace, Love, Anne”

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