Another Lyme doctor under attack

Another Lyme doctor is under attack again from the medical board!

Please sign this petition to show support for Dr Hoffmann.


The medical board will be having a hearing on Wed Nov 16th at 8:30 am. It will be held at the Wisconsin Dept of Regulation and Licensing Building at 1400 E West Washington Ave. Room 121A, Madison Wi 53703. We are all going to show up at 7am to show our support. Make a sign stating why you are there to support Dr Hoffman.

More Details:


It has come to our attention that Dr. Hoffmann has received a letter from the School of Medicine & Public Health {U of Wisconsin-Madison}. Dr. Hoffmann was required to attend a Physician Assessment Center. Dr. Hoffmann has completed all tasks that were required of him. The final report as filed by the doctor’s that observed him found him deficient in:

* Patient interviewing and communication skills
* Record Keeping
* Overall Fund of Medical Knowledge
* Mental deficiency due to diagnostic procedures and hesitant speech patterns

35 years of practicing medicine and they don’t like the way he speaks.

Based upon these findings the WI. Department of Safety and Professionalism {specifically, lead investigator Arthur Thexton} has issued a petition to have Dr. Hoffmann’s medical license suspended immediately pending a final decision by the WI. Medical Examining Board.

I want to clarify that this has nothing to do with Dr. Hoffmann’s lyme treatment regimens or any lyme patients whatsoever.

In fact the School of Medicine & Public Health states in their letter to Dr. Hoffmann… “A significant portion of his practice is treating patients with chronic lyme disease. His patients often come from hours away to see him. In the broader medical community, the diagnosis and treatment of chronic lyme disease is controversial: however, he appears to adhere to diagnostic and testing protocols that have been developed by medical groups with interest in this area of medicine.”

We’re requesting that ALL of Dr. Hoffmann’s past and present patients please write an e-mail on his behalf immediately.

In your e-mail, please state:

1. How you were misdiagnosed
2. How Dr. Hoffmann’s treatment has helped you progress
3. The effect Dr. Hoffmann’s treatment has had on you and your family.
4. How removal of Dr. Hoffmann’s license would effect you and your family.

Once your e-mail is completed please paste these e-mail addresses and send to all of them collectively. {Subject line; Dr. Hoffmann}

*Dept. of Safety and Professional Services

*{If you wish to write a letter, Arthur Thexton’s fax 608-266-2264}

*Rep. Kevin Petersen {Waupaca}

*WI. Medical Examining Board

We must have everyone write immediately on Dr. Hoffmann’s behalf. I would ask other Doctor’s, medical people and support group members that are familiar with Dr. Hoffmann to write an e-mail on his behalf.

They can pass an order to suspend his license immediately and then go through the years long, laborious process to get it reinstated. I spoke personally with Doc last evening regarding this matter and he’s devastated. The man can’t even afford an attorney. Of course, what doctor could charging $100 per-office visit and taking Medicare and Medicaid patients ? It’s time we gave back to him.

Distribute this far and wide so we can reach out to all of Doc’s patients.

Thank you,

Mike Nickel
WI. Lyme Network

 A Defense fund for Dr. Hoffmann that people can contribute to has been set up. Please feel free to distribute this widely.

Make check payable to:

“Dr. Hoffmann Fund”

Mail to:

Lyme Disease United Coalition
PO Box 465
Boone, IA. 50036

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  1. I was treated for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. If I was not treated I would have been dead at age 19.This is a real disease . I had tegapen 40 years ago It worked and saved my life\
    I dont know this doctor but support him for saving peoples lives!

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