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Arda Manoukian

lyme deaths

Arda Manoukian, 50, California

1957 – 2007

Arda Manoukian, a nutritionist, from Newbury Park in Southern California, passed October 2, 2007. Arda was removed from life support at the wishes of her medical directive which also detailed her Lyme disease and co-infections diagnosis. Arda died from a heart attack, it is not known if this is connected to Lyme disease or not. Her family has written comments below further explaining her situation, please scroll down to the the comment section to read them.

Arda cared about people, and she was an expert at preparing healthy recipes and would take the time to explain the intricate details of ingredients, and preparation. In fact, Arda wrote an article in the Lyme Times on nutrition.

She was a warm and generous person and will be missed by her family, friends and the Lyme community.

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  1. It has come to light that Arda was exposed to radiation in a food irradiation lab at Michigan State University while pursuing a BA in nutrition. Radiation is a known cause of leukemia and related conditions, of which Essential Thrombocytosis is one. Her condition is known by many medical researchers as a pre-leukemic condition. Safeguards in the middle to late 1970s were not as advanced as they are today. Her lyme disease diagnosis may have been unrelated to this.

  2. Arda loved camping in the woods, where there are many ticks carrying ticks carrying Lyme disease. There are recent medical case studies which point to a connection between Lyme disease and essential thrombocytosis, the myeloproliferative disorder which was Arda’s medical condition. There were many other possible causes that Arda developed this disease. She was involved in an automobile accident where her vehicle was broadsided Her injuries in that accident necessitated massive blood transfusions. The accident also brought on a condition known as thoracic outlet syndrome, where the shoulder is pushed into the rib cage. This condition requires many medical tests where reactive dye is injected into the patient, as well as, much potential exposure to radiation. Arda’s third husband, his daughter Chloe and her boyfriend were all chain smokers an environment in which Arda had to live. He recently passed away from pancreatic cancer, a condition often brought about by the toxicity from smoking. The lyme disease / essental thrombocytosis (high platelet count) link is a very probable cause that is currently being researched.

  3. Arda passed away 10 years ago on October 2, 2007, not January 3, 2007. Her blood disorder caused a blood clot, which caused the heart attack. By the time she was revived, her brain went without oxygen too long and only her brain stem (reflexes) was still living tissue-the part of the brain, which sustained her ability to live and breathe was gone. There is no evidence that her blood disorder (high platelets) was linked to Lyme. The root cause of her blood disorders was unknown. Cancer drugs, such as interferon did not bring the platelet count down to normal. I am providing this detail because if there is anyone else out there who has or had Lyme disease and has high platelets then research could show there is a link. Otherwise, the root cause of her high platelets could be something else as well.

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