Are Root Canals Dangerous or Not?

root canalThere seems to be a big dispute on this. We have collected links on both sides of the argument and you can read through them, do some research then draw your own conclusions. Feel free to leave a comment below with your opinion or experience with root canals and how you feel they have affected your health. 

Articles Against Root Canals

Why and How to Say No to an Unnecessary Root Canal Procedure by Dr Mercola

Are Root Canals Safe? by Alliance for Natural Health

Root Canals Can Have Devastating Effects on Health by Natural News

How to Avoid Root Canals 

Why Root Canals are Bad by Natural Dentistry

Root Canals- Another Risk Factor for Cancer that Most Doctors don’t know about

Root Canals Destructive to Health – Why Would You Want A Dead Tooth in Your Mouth for Life?

Root Canals Contain Toxic Bacterium

Dr. Weston A. Price and The Root Canal Cover-Up

Articles Saying Root Canals are Safe

Are Root Canals Safe by Dr Weil

Myths About Root Canals and Root Canal Pain

Root Canal Poll

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