Ashley Olsen and Lyme Disease

Note from Ashley has not confirmed nor denied having Chronic Lyme yet. These are just the reports that came out in the news today. We wish Ashley

May 2015

Ashley Olsen Is Battling Lyme Disease:
“In 2012, Ashley Olsen stepped away from the spotlight, declaring she no longer wanted to be the center of attention. Recently, a source told In Touch Weekly that her reason behind leaving showbiz actually stemmed from her Lyme disease diagnosis.”

Ashley Olsen has been diagnosed with Lyme disease
“The illness has taken a physical toll on Ashley – the twin sister of Mary-Kate Olsen and older sibling of Avengers: Age of Ultron star Elizabeth Olsen – in recent months and has affected her ability to work.”

Ashley Olsen has been ‘living with incurable Lyme disease …
“According to the source, the former child star has been suffering in silence with Lyme disease, after she was bit by a parasite several years ago.”

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2 thoughts on “Ashley Olsen and Lyme Disease”

  1. I wish those who state “Lyme is all in your head” come down with Lyme, about 4-6 viruses and another dozen co-infections. They deserve to be educated for their cruelty.

  2. As a fellow sufferer, I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear she is ill This isnt something Id wish on anyone. My thoughts and prayers are with you

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