Attention! Meeting Addressing MS Diagnsosis in Lyme Endemic Areas of MN

On Saturday April 28th at 10:00 AM there will be a lecture and town meeting addressing the ever increasing incidence of MS diagnosis in Lyme endemic areas of MN, and the reliance on inaccurate Lyme tests to rule out possible Lyme disease.

If you know of any MS patients who might benefit from this information please tell them to attend. It is free and offers an opportunity to discuss openly in an open forum the reasons for denying MS patients access to this information.
10 AM Lecture by Tom Grier
11:30 AM MS/Lyme case histories by Rebecca Keith FNP
Noon Town meeting about the local incidence of MS.

Its free and open to everyone !

2 thoughts on “Attention! Meeting Addressing MS Diagnsosis in Lyme Endemic Areas of MN”

    1. I dont know if this will halp at all, I just asked Tom when and where and he sent me back this…Hi,

      “I am speaking in Washburn WI Monday May 21st on MS and Lyme, and then in Amery WI and then in White Bear Lake MN when I get the dates. ”


      So as I get more info Jenny, I will post it. Thanks!

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