August 30th, Senator Richard Blumenthal will host a U.S. Senate field hearing

On Thursday, August 30th, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) will host a U.S. Senate field hearing on the federal response to Lyme disease. Blumenthal has been a leader in the fight against Lyme disease throughout his career, and is a strong advocate for patients affected by Lyme. Most recently, he introduced the bipartisan Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Prevention, Education, and Research Act  (S. 1381), which would increase awareness about Lyme disease and provide more resources to study the illness.  Read More Here

Message from Paul:

To learn more please join Hearing Facebook Group.

The hearing is open to the Public.

Patients are encouraged to attend and submit our concerns in writing.

We can also submit questions in writing.

Expressing our concerns in a positive way will be most effective.

Hope to see you there.




Important Update


Well it seemed like the hearing was more of the same. What did we expect? Promises to look into Lyme.  Another waiting period of years for anything definitive to happen. If you were at the hearing feel free to leave comments below in the comments section to tell us what you thought about it.

Several individuals affected by Lyme disease told their stories at Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s Lyme hearing last month in Connecticut. But they represent only a fraction of those who have be

en impacted.Now, Sen. Blumenthal has set up a web page where all individuals with a story to tell about tick-borne illness can share it with his Committee. The official record of the hearing will remain open until Thursday, September 13th. You don’t have to live in Connecticut to have your story entered as part of the Congressional Record.

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