lyme and autism

Autism and Lyme

lyme and autism

Autism and Lyme Links

More and more children with Lyme Disease are being diagnosed with autism, and vice  versa. Is there a connection? More research is needed but the links are becoming obvious to those in the Lyme community. Here is a collection of links to research, websites, blogs and stories. We hope it helps you, as a parent or an educator to help understand the link between Lyme Disease and autism.

LIA stands for Lyme Induced Autism.  This organization was started because parents with Lyme disease were finding that their children with autism were also testing positive for Lyme disease and experiencing symptoms of Lyme disease and associated co-infections.

Dr Horowitz talks about the connection between Lyme and Autism


Pr Montagnier on Lyme disease, autism and chronic infections

Over the last decade, two disease epidemics have gone from mild ripples in the water to roaring, ravenous, all-consuming tidal waves, destroying thousands of lives and tearing apart countless families. These two diseases are Lyme disease and autism. Until recently, these afflictions were believed to be unrelated. Actually, that is an understatement. They were believed to have absolutely nothing in common, occupying distinct and opposite positions in the medical field. Whereas bronchitis and strep throat have some relationship in that they are both infections, Lyme disease and autism were thought to have nothing in common at all-one is a tick-borne infection which healthy people contract while camping, and the other is a prenatal brain development disorder. Recently, however, science has found similarities between Lyme disease and autism that cannot be ignored. When one looks beneath the surface of these seemingly diverse disorders, the underlying discoveries are shocking. Awaiting your discovery is the Lyme-Autism connection.

 Question for the readers:

What has been your experience? Do you have a child that is affected by one or the other, Lyme or Autism? Do you believe there is a link? Leave a comment below or take the poll.

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