Bartonella Emerging Pathogen in Breast Cancer

From: Cancer Research

“Several bacterial infections promote cell proliferation and could increase the rate of cell transformation. Bartonella spp. is an emerging pathogen that can cause conditions which are characterized by the development of proliferative lesions. Bartonella might cause vasculoproliferative disorders by triggering the proliferation of endothelial cells and inducing the secretion of proliferative cytokines from infected host cells. It cause persistent infection of erythrocytes and endothelial cells in their mammalian hosts and their transmission occur mainly by blood-sucking arthropods. Bartonella are Gram-negative bacteria usually associated with cat-scratch disease, urban trench fever, bacillary angiomatosis-peliosis and endocarditis. Some reports have showed some similarities between cat scratch disease and inflammatory breast cancer (Povoski et al., Breast J 9: 497–500, 2003).

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3 thoughts on “Bartonella Emerging Pathogen in Breast Cancer”

  1. I too developed breast cancer after Bartonella infection– a known link.

    I treated with dendritic cell vaccine and mastectomy— the vaccines cured my cancer and my Lyme!

  2. I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer, still unsure of the stage, but it is a 3 for aggression. I was bitten by a tick less than a year ago in my upper left arm. Bulls-eye appeared, my arm was in immense pain. Later I had a recurrent rash on my left arm, swollen fingers on my left hand, as well as a swollen left eye area. I didn’t make a lot out of this as my HMO doctor saw everything as unrelated and temporary. 16 weeks later my obgyn found a breast 4 cm. lump on my left breast. It was originally diagnosed as benign in October –5 months after the bite. I had previously had a clear scan less than 8 months before. I had the lump rechecked last week (May). Now there are 2 lumps. And the pathology report says it’s cancer. One has been diagnosed as triple positve; however, the other is pr-, er-, and her+. They are less than a half inch apart. I have explained my story to the oncologist, who is sympathetic but not buying the Lyme idea. However, I have been strong and I have asked for a referral to a Lyme specialist before I go forward with chemo. I find it strange that these two masses have different identities, and my first biopsy was negative. Bottom line, I wonder if an infection from Lyme/and co-infectors can be mistaken for breast cancer.

  3. I developed advanced inflammatory breat cancer just months after ny lyme symptoms began. One of them being a swollen , painful lymph node in rt axilla and within months my breast was local stage four cancer. Survived that but seven years later im still fighting lyme and coinfections ., bartonella being one of them .

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