(Bartonellosis, also known as cat scratch fever)

Bartonella are bacteria that live inside human or mammal cells. Spread by bites from infected ticks and also passed in utero.

In 1992 Bartonella was first described as an emerging disease. It is also carried by cats and causes cat-scratch disease, endocarditis, and several other diseases in humans. Bartonella bacteria is carried by fleas, body lice, and ticks and can be transmitted to humans and animals.

Scientists have identified several species of Bartonella. There are different strains in different countries. They have found it in Peru, Columbia, and Ecuador being carried by sand flies. Recent studies have found body lice carry it and so do dust mites. Five different Bartonella species have been detected in 19.2% of I. pacificus ticks collected in California.


abnormal liver enzymes
Bartonella Information Fact Sheet Poster encephalopathy
flu-like malaise
hemolysis with anemia
high fever
immune deficiency
papular or angiomatous rash
sore throat
weakened immune response

*Many patients with Bartonella complain of the bottoms of their feet beings sore, espeBartonella Fact Cardcially when they first stand up in the morning.


Blood test or antibody level test

PCR Test or Polymerase chain reaction and tissue biopsy can be used, however they are also insensitive, as are standard blood tests.


  • The common treatment for Bartonella is antibiotics. Erythromycin, Doxycycline, Levofloxacin Rifampin, Azithromycin have been used for standard Bartonella.
  • Here is Stephen Buhner’s natural protocol for healing Bartonella.
    Bartonella Herbal Treatment

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Educational Materials for Bartonella

Bartonella Rashes

This Bartonella rash came out 2 1/2 years after starting treatment.
This Bartonella rash came out 2 1/2 years after starting treatment. Photo Credit Kristin Collins


Bart Rash
Rash fading after being on treatment with antibiotics and Essential Oils. Photo Credit: Kristin Collins

We want to note that Bartonella is not the only condition that can cause these stretch mark like rashes. If your child has this you may also want to look into the following conditions also.

MARFAN Syndrome



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