Karen lyme fundraiser

Be Karen’s Hero

Karen lyme fundraiser

Karen is an angel who needs your help on her healing journey!  She has worked long and  hard in her pursuit to regain her health and while she has recently made some progress, she is still very much in need of treatments that have the potential to further reduce her suffering and save her life.

While her conditions have been shrouded in mystery for many years, most of the traditional therapies given have offered little or no help at all. Some even made her condition far worse.  It took many years of searching and trying and many days of no hope in sight for Karen to even receive a proper diagnosis!  Karen is facing a mountain of healing challenges that include a brain tumor, internal injury and neurotoxicity from black mold exposure, insurmountable and wide-spead pain, a rare skin dis-ease and more.  Thankfully, once she finally uncovered what she was dealing with, the correct alternative treatments slowly began offering more hope and results than traditonal medicine could offer.  Non-traditional treatments are not covered by insurances so to overcome these complex health obstacles, she is forced to pay out-of-pocket.  This is something that has become unsustianable after spending years too disabled to work and fighting to survive.

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