Be Kind for Lyme

Be Kind For Lyme: Episode #12 -Tae Lynne: Founder of 60 Seconds of Kindness

Be Kind for Lyme

Be Kind For Lyme “3 Question Interview” Episode #12 -Tae Lynne: Founder of 60 Seconds of Kindness

Episode # 12 – Tae Lynne (Founder of “60 Seconds to Kindness”

The Be Kind for Lyme movement started in 2014.
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Our mission is to bring Lyme Awareness through acts of kindness. Our pages highlight all aspects of Lyme through stories, articles, healthy recipes, laughter and sadness.

Look for a series of interviews as part of the 2016 Worldwide Lyme Campaign.

Interviews with Doctors, Advocates, Volunteers, sick patients, caregivers, parents of children with Lyme and those in remission.

Hello Friends!

Here is the 12th Episode of our campaign to raise awareness for Lyme Disease!

Please welcome Tae Lynne!


Tae Lynne is a collaborative author in the best-selling book, 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul and its subsequent book, 365 Moments of Grace, due out in June 2016. She is a former criminal/civil investigator, corporate trainer and research analyst who is now an author, blogger, and kindness advocate.

Forced to slow down by chronic illness, she heard her soul whispering to her and discovered her true purpose as the Kindness Junkie.

She shares her journey of loss, healing, and motivation on her website,, and encourages others through her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook messages about kindness.

Join her on her mission to create a kinder world one minute at a time, by practicing kindness and acceptance to all.

Tae is currently working on her solo book, due out in late 2016, which includes inspirational acts of kindness and quotes. She lives outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her boyfriend and dog.

You can connect with Tae at:,

@kindness_junkie (Twitter)
@kindness_junkie (Instagram)
@kindness_junkie (Other Service)

Here’s the direct link to the FREE guide people
can get from her website:…

Tips for friends and family of anyone living with invisible illness.…

Links to books:…

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