Beautiful Artwork by Anastiscia, Lyme patient.

The Spirited Warrior

This piece is dedicated to all those who give everyday everything they have.

The Story Behind the Artist

Anastiscia is a very  talented and vibrant artist. She has lived in  Canada, Japan, Cambodia andanatascia traveled the US extensively. She likes to use many different mediums to create art, such as  recycled paper, frames, pastels, oil pastels, markers, milk casein, and she says most will contain encouraging verses.”

But as she says on her website, her artwork went dormant when she contracted Lyme Disease in 2008 and was left debilitated, violently ill and misdiagnosed until 2013. She is currently undergoing a pathway of out of pocket costly treatment. Through love and encouragement and a new sense of purpose, her artwork has revived, bolder and more expressive than ever. She holds a strong determination to make a difference for those suffering from chroinc aliments.

Anastiscia tells us about her Lyme journey.

“I am from Canada. My story had been a 6.5 year battle, wrongly diagnosed until 2013. Almost died 3 times.

anaq2Took my last savings I had and went for 5 month treatment at a clinic in Nevada. Was doing better on and off until heavy relapse this summer.

I had lost everything, my handbag company in New York, my fiancee at the time I became ill in 2008, my house, my savings and my only living relative my mother ( no siblings).

When I travelled from Toronto Canada to Nevada in 2013 to the Lyme clinic, there I met my now American husband, who at that time, as a stranger, then a friend cared for me the time in treatment.

This June 2015 I was returning for treatment, he came and got me from Canada and proposed to me June 8th of this year. He is a kind loving man, who sees me for me, through the Lyme and fights by my side.

I am continuing to fight this painful battle today and my wish and my goal is to be able to anafinance my treatment and to give/share financially through my artwork to others. I can create but I do not have the strength yet to sales and market my art.

I believe Lyme people are the strongest, most compassionate people, with an immeasurable determination and drive, even in the darkest, horrifying moments, they still seem to shine a light, choosing to make a difference.”

One person caring about another displays one of life’s greatest opportunities.

Anastiscia Chantler- Lang

If you are interested in any of the pieces above, please Contact Anastiscia here.

About Anastiscia’s art:

“All pieces are done with recycled paper, frames,  pastels, oil pastels, markers, milk casein, most will contain encouraging verses.”

Lyme Warrior Woman

lyme warrior
This piece depicts the many struggles and emotions and the strong will to move proudly and courageously ahead.


Like the so many horses saved from slaughter, you too with your grace and courage carry on.

Angelic Strength

This piece depicts encouragement, and knowing that you are loved and have value as the being you are.

Tree of Life

This piece depicts the hope, faith, courage and love to continue the fight for life.

New Hope



Love Light with Lyme

This piece is inspired by and dedicated to my husband, and all the other supporters who display undying love.

Visit Anastiscia’s Website at:

If you are interested in any of the pieces above, please Contact Anastiscia here.

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Artwork by Anastiscia, Lyme patient.”

  1. I am the lucky owner of two paintings from above.. When my friend and SisterLymie Ana first showed me this wild mustang , I nearly broke down in tears because her depiction has the emotion and energy of the wild horses I have seen here in Nevada. I am a Wildhorse Advocate and I will save my last breath to help save the lives of these beautiful creatures who are being destroyed by greed selfishness and lack of cariing.

    I have suffered alongside our Ana and many others who have shown dignity, courage, creativity, intelligence, kindness and compassion for each other. The “Lyme Warrier Woman”captured my eyes and I squealed she is my lyme Warrier woman and I am her…..Ana could do a drawing of each and everyone of you and I know that each one of them will capture you like mine did me. she will be posted as a mural on the side of my Glamper trailler which I will take to my sisters on-the-fly gatherings….My Wildhorse WildFire will adorn the other side. If you see me, give me a Holler……

  2. Anastiscia, my what a gifted artist you are!! love all the bright colors.

    the horse portrait really grabs you and the rest of your outstanding work above.

    my walls are full as is; otherwise, i’d want to buy one.

    downsizing last week since i lost my only love of my life, hubby, last year, 1 month after our 40th anniversary.

    so happy you found your love and his acceptance of your illness and giving unconditional love/support when you need it most.

    give him an extra hug/kiss for me. that’s what i miss the most are our kisses & hugs.

    may god provide for you now and in the days, months, and years ahead.

    bettyg, iowa activist
    47 yrs. this christmas, chronic lyme
    misdiagnosed 35 yrs. by 40-50 drs. UNACCEPTABLE!

  3. Wow! This is some of the best art I have seen💜👍🎉🎉👏👏👏Fantastic and so inspiring and uplifting!💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    1. Beautiful artwork by a kindred spirit…Lyme warrior! I wish I could buy several of these to help fund the artist’s Lyme medical care (since we Lyme warriors well know, even if you have ‘good’ medical insurance, they find ways to deny payment for Lyme-related medical costs). Keep fighting the good fight!

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