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Bee Venom Therapy and Lyme Disease


Bee Venom Therapy

Many Lyme patients are turning to Bee Venom Therapy for Lyme Disease. Below is a collection of articles, websites and interviews that might help you learn more about BVT.

How Does Bee Venom  Heal?

Bee venom contains Mellitin, and anti-inflammatory that is 100 times stronger than Cortisone!  It also contains Adolapin, which is also an anti-inflammatory and pain blocker.  Bee venom is also said to increase blood circulation and reduce swelling.

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What Conditions Does Bee Venom Help? 

Bee venom has been used for a long time in other countries and cultures for a multitude of conditions such as Multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, asthma, hearing loss, premenstrual syndrome, arthritis, injuries, Lyme Disease, pain, skin conditions, HIV, cancer, animal treatment and other conditions.

General Info to get Started

First you need to figure out where you are going to keep your bees. To start out many patients purchase the “bee buddy” system.

Where to get your Bee Buddy

where do you keep honey bees for BVT

Where to get your Bees?

by joining the BVT groups you will be able to find out where everyone gets their bees. They will ship them to you in a little crate in a box that says, “live bees.”  You then put them into your bee home and are ready to begin! Here are some places you can order your bees from.

how are bees mailed?

Support GroupsHealing with Bee Venom Therapy Lyme Ribbon Button

But I feel bad taking the Life of the Bees for my own Benefit?

That is probably the hardest part of BVT. Remember bees are creatures of servitude. They live their whole lives serving their queen bee and hives. Bees only live about 6 weeks in nature. They have short lives to begin with and most apiaries will ship the older bees to you.  It is still hard to do, we understand. We are all gracious to these bees for their sacrifice for us, their last gift back to nature.

Securing the Bee with the Tweezers

Patient Experience

 Other Bee Products



Research Backing the BVT Claims

bee venom therapy


We, at do not endorse any particular treatment or give out medical advice. Our motives are just to share the different Lyme protocols out there and provide research, articles, and Lyme patient’s personal experiences so that each person can start their own research and discuss with their own medical professionals what might be best for them.

How it is Done

Nancy is another pioneer in Bee Venom Therapy and has made videos to help you along your journey and watch as she goes through hers. To learn more about BVT for Lyme patients please join her group: Healing with Bee Venom

Recommended Bee Venom Protocol for Lyme Patients

(Posted with permission from Nancy Dolan Creek from Healing Lyme with Bee Venom)

Bee Venom Therapy (BVT) is used for many conditions including Lyme Disease. Bee venom has been found to kill the Lyme spirochete in labs (ref: Rocky Mountain Laboratories Microscopy Branch).

Our protocol includes BVT three times a week (every other day, with a 2 day break; an example could be: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, taking the weekend off to detox, rest, and relax). Along with BVT it is important to follow a regimen of detoxing which includes Epsom salt baths, drinking plenty of water and apple cider vinegar.

People with Lyme Disease undergoing BVT experience side effects due to the toxins given off by the pathogens as they die. This phenomenon is known as the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction and is also known as herx or herxing. Herxing is believed to occur when pathogens are destroyed and release their endotoxins into the blood and tissues faster than the body can comfortably handle it. This provokes a a cascade of sudden and exaggerated inflammatory responses.

The most common symptoms of herxing reported include increased fatigue, joint or muscle pain, skin rashes, photosensitivity, irritability, paresthesia, dizziness, sleep disturbances, muscle cramps, night sweats, hypertension, hypotension, headaches and swollen glands. Some experience heavy perspiration, metallic taste in mouth, chills, nausea, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, low grade fever, heart palpitations, tachycardia, facial palsy, tinnitus, mental confusion, uncoordinated movement, pruritus, bone pain, flu-like syndrome, and conjunctivitis.


Minimize exposure to toxins, including airborne chemicals and pollutants, food containing additives or other chemicals, unnecessary medications, poor water, etc. Maximize the quality of food, water, and air. Rest as needed. Remember that symptoms, though unpleasant, are rarely life threatening and will diminish with time.

CAUTION: A beta blocker will prevent an Epi-Pen from working if you have a true allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). Therefore, you will not be able to start BVT until you are no longer on a beta blocker. Also please note: Do NOT use alcohol to clean your skin before stings and DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL within 24 hours before or after stinging. Also, DO NOT STING yourself ON an EMPTY STOMACH.

Note: BVT is contraindicated during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

During the first month or two of BVT, some people experience itching. This can be controlled with an anti-itch cream, ice, or Benadryl (alcohol and dye-free). Do not use hydrocortisone creams, this can react with the venom and cause burns and additional swelling. The itching is normal and will subside.

Absolutely Necessary

You MUST obtain an Epi-Pen before starting BVT. Make sure you read the instructions and practice with your epi-trainer. It is also recommended to keep a bottle of Liquid Benadryl (without alcohol and preferably no dye) on hand.

Vitamin C: minimum of 3000 mg per day. It is very important to keep up your vitamin C intake while utilizing BVT. Every day even on non-sting days, take time-release or take 3x a day to give your body a steady supply. If you’re not accustomed to taking Vit C you may need to build up before beginning BVT. Magnesium: minimum 300mg a day. A good multi bio align vitamin may be beneficial as well as a very good Probiotic.


1. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, two tablespoons in large glass of water (add 1 TB raw honey if desired). Apple cider vinegar is very helpful in maintaining alkalinity in the body.

2. Alka Seltzer GOLD, six tabs at once in a glass of water 1 – 3 xs / week. Always listen to your body and do not push it. You will know what you need. Better to go easy than to push. This is not a race. Detox Bath One large bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide with Epsom’s Salts. Sit in the hot bath for at least ten minutes. (Do not take a DETOX BATH on your sting day! It will draw out the bee venom from your system and would be counter-productive.)

Note: if you are unable to bathe get but can get in a sauna or steam room to sweat, place sheets in the freezer, sweat for at least ten minutes, then immediately wrap yourself up in the cold sheets.

Saunas, especially infrared, can be beneficial.

The first couple of months may be challenging. After that it does get easier. It is important to note that BVT encourages the body to heal itself and jump-start your immune system. Some people notice that they end up retracing or rewinding symptoms that they had in childhood or the past. For example, if you have had cold sores, you might develop one while doing BVT. This is normal.


It is necessary to start slowly and listen to your body. If you try to hurry the process you may cause damage to the liver and kidneys. Lyme spirochetes often infiltrate the kidneys, plus bee venom processes through the kidneys so be kind to your inner organs; you will be thankful you did.

It is best to start one inch to the right and left of the center of the spine. Stay with the spine for a minimum of one month, preferably two, before venturing out to the limbs. The first month or two is not about treating symptoms, but is more about allowing the body to get used to the venom.

If you choose to sting the extremities, do not go straight from stinging the back and jump to the knees or elbows. Instead, slowly make your way down the upper leg or arm, perhaps using mini-stings before

going to the knees or elbows. This is in addition to, not instead of stinging the spine area. Remember that the spine stings will take care of most of your issues,

If the herx becomes too severe, it’s ok to stop stinging for a day, detox, then resume stings on your next scheduled session. If however, there is a break between stings of 10 days or more, you will need to do a test sting again and wait, then start again slowing and ramp no more quickly than 2 stings every other session.

Where do you start and how to begin?

We always start one inch to the left and right of the center of the spine, as this is where all the nerve stems come out. The bee venom travels down the nerve and reaches the extremities. The goal is to sting one inch to the right and left of the spine, keeping stings even. You will want to alternate between the upper and lower back, and will eventually sting the entire length of the spine.

Note: Early in BVT it’s best to avoid stinging above T3 as this may produce an intense herx.

Always begin with a test sting on your back one inch to the side of the center of the spine. If you are right-handed, do the test sting one inch out from the left side of your spine. If you are left-handed go to the right side of the spine. Remove the stinger immediately, sliding it to the side, along the skin, not pulling it straight up into the air. Wait at least 30 mins to see how you’re feeling.

Pay attention to the throat and tongue. If you’re going to have an allergic reaction you will feel your tongue and throat start to swell shut. If this happens, drink half a bottle of Liquid Benadryl. If you have no relief within 30-45 seconds use the Epi-Pen and get medical attention immediately.

Provided there is no adverse reaction, you can do a second sting. Remember to do this on the other side of the spine for balance. You can leave that stinger in 20 minutes. It is best to place stingers in a tissue when removed to prevent a secondary sting.

Ramping up stings

Skip a day and do 2 more stings. On your next session stay with 2 stings, so you will then have done 2 stings in three consecutive sessions. If you’re tolerating the venom well, and herx isn’t too intense, stings may then be ramped by 2 every three sessions (2 additional stings per week) till 10 stings per session is reached. This is as quickly as you should ramp and depending on the individual, reaching 10 stings will take one to three months.

40 stings per week is the maximum number you should do.

Again, you want to be on a 3 day a week schedule, every other day and then 2 days off. One example might be: Mon, Wed, and Fri, giving yourself the weekend to relax, detox, and recover.

NOTE: For women, you may want to avoid the area around the bra, if you wear one. In general areas that might rub the sting site, like the belt line or waist could also be avoided.

If a herx becomes extreme it’s ok to skip a day to detox. Stings may also be be reduced, but never reduce by more than 2 per session.

BE AWARE: If you have the MTHFR gene mutation, you must ramp up much more slowly.

Remember this is not a race and if you push too fast you may hurt your organs.

You may start to itch, swell, or get red right away or around weeks 2-4. Some people find it helpful to use anti-itch cream, ice, or Benadryl. These reactions are normal and will subside within a month or two.

Things to be aware of while stinging regularly

Over time bee venom returns your body to balance. Some people find it beneficial to include other honeybee products in their diet: honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis. You may no longer need your meds. If you have gained some weight, you may find yourself dropping that weight. Women may notice that their menses returning to normal.

As you become more comfortable with stinging and feel adventurous, you can sting joints and/or acupuncture points if you choose. Acupuncture charts may be found online and in our files. Also keep in mind that scars block energy. Therefore, it is important to sting any scars you have. You will be amazed that scars disappear when stung by bees. You can sting directly on the scar.

As each person is different, experiences will vary. With so many different strains of Lyme and all its numerous co-infections, you may experience things not listed here. On the other hand, you may not experience things that are listed here. For example, some people experience emotional mood swings or a need to cry about 3-5 months after beginning BVT. It’s a healing effect of the bee venom balancing out your emotions along with your hormones.

Please remember, treating Lyme disease with BVT is a 2-3 year process. After the first year you may experience a return of symptoms. They will be short-lived.

Please feel free to share your knowledge and experiences with us. Feel free to pass this protocol on to your BVT practitioner or anyone you think it may help.

Nothing contained in this document is or should be considered, or used as a substitute for, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment by your physician.


Bee In Balance: A Guide To Healing The Whole Person With Honeybees, Oriental Medicine, & Common Sense by Amber Rose

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Amber Rose, L.Ac., LMSW, has been a healer all her life. After graduating with special honors from the Universities of Chicago and Iowa, she went on to study at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, MD. She also graduated from the New Seminary in NY. Just as her psychotherapy experience alerted her to the value of acupuncture, Amber’s acupuncture experience led her to Bee Venom Therapy (BVT). In this book Amber shares her discoveries of the healing miracles of BVT available for patients who are suffering with Lyme disease and Co-Infections. This pioneering and revolutionary approach to healing is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It is bound to be a classic and a Bible for healing Lyme with Bee Venom Therapy.

Join her Facebook Support Group Here
Pioneers, Healing with Bee Venom

Pioneers: Healing Lyme with Bee Venom Therapy 

Intro to the Book:

“HEALING LYME WITH BEE VENOM THERAPY There is a ride in Disneyworld that shrinks a doctor down to a microscopic level and injects her into the bloodstream of a patient to find and heal the chronic illness. But we don’t have to wait for medical science to catch up with Disneyworld. We each have an inner physician within us who has gone to sleep, like Rip Van Winkle. It is imperative for Lyme patients (especially Late Stage/Chronic Lyme) to wake up their own inner physician. If this were an easy task, we would already have remedies for Lyme and many other chronic conditions. But waking up that inner physician is not so easy. You cannot just kiss Sleeping Beauty and wake her up. Bee venom is the only natural substance I know of that really wakes up this physician in such a powerful way that it cannot be ignored or go back to sleep. Since bee venom is a poison, a toxic substance, its entrance into the body creates an emergency situation and forces the body to go through a cascade of reactions. In the process it cleans up any underlying conditions. The melittin in bee venom must kill the Lyme spirochetes that are hiding out deep inside the body.

Pioneers Companion Workbook: Acupuncture Treatment Plans and Pathways

Amber Rose, PhD., L.Ac. (Board Certified-NCCAOM), LMSW, is an expert, pioneer, and maverick in a whole new field of medicine. Her revolutionary approach to healing is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Her Bee Venom research goes back 22+ years and she also has 30 years of experience as an acupuncturist. Dr. Rose has treated over 55,000 patients with Lyme, MS, HIV/AIDS, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, ALS, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, and chronic pain. She had a free clinic in Bethesda, MD for four years. Her book, Pioneers: Healing Lyme with Bee Venom Therapy is already a classic and Bible on the topic of BVT for Lyme and Co-Infections. It is the only book of its kind in the world. Her NEW Pioneers Companion Workbook focuses on Bee-Acupuncture Treatment Plans and Pathways.

Health and the Honeybee by Charles Mraz

The therapeutic application of bee products, or apitherapy, is an ancient practice soon to find its place in modern medicine. History reveals that Greek and Roman civilizations benefited from the fruits of th ehive, and that the first Chinese acupuncture needle may have been the sting of a bee.

Interviews with BVT Patients

Love & Venom

Love & Venom from Art+Practice on Vimeo

One last reminder to everyone: Stay safe, educate yourself, go slow and our hope is everyone finds the treatment that will help them get back their lives.

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  4. Bee venom therapy is something that I have yet heard about. It’s all new to me and a friend of mine recently told me about it. We both were talking last night about lyme disease that he recently was diagnosed with. He brought up the topic of using bee venom as a way to cure his condition, and when he told me that, I was surprised about it.

  5. So… What does that mean, “they only use the older bees?” Is this some strange episode of Logan’s Run, do they answer by name or number, is there a bee hierarchy of hazing, do they have bouncers at the gate of the hive?

    I’m one of those Lymies opposed to killing bees for selfish reasons at a time of colony collapse and special interest momentum, but would like to put my conscience at ease – please explain.

    1. Many people using BVT have taken up the hobby of keeping a hive themselves. That way you are contributing back to the bee population.

      Here’s a little bit about honey bees and how they know which bees to ship you:
      Worker bees are all female and their lifespans is 45 days. They are very altruistic, fully devoted to the needs of the colony. They are creatures of servitude Their function is structured according to their age. Initially they are responsible for cleaning the hive, taking care of their maturing sisters or serving the queen by feeding her royal jelly. Later, they guard the hive and then collect pollen and nectar. So you can tell by their job, what age they are at. You get your bees from apiaries. They breed bees for the purpose of medical use and also help increase population along with supplying honey and other bee products which also have healing properties if you can not bring yourself to sting.

  6. It’s so interesting that something found in nature can actually help with such a severe thing like Lyme disease. I’ve heard recently, however, that the US population of bees is dramatically declining. Will this affect the use and study of bee venom therapy?

    1. Hi Veronica, It is very interesting huh? I am going to start this myself soon and will make a blog post on this website about how I do, step by step. But one thing I learned is that a lot of the people who start out doing this feel guilty about killing the bees.. and had the same question as you about loosing more bees. The answers Ive turned up are really interesting, One of my friends who introduced me to this now has her own beehives right in her back yard. And it seems more and more are turning to bee keeping as a hobby to help “give back” to the bees. I will probably follow suit and am studying this more and more. Are you thinking about trying it to?


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