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imageedit_13_3441885467I am so used to helping others, that it feels awkward putting myself down for a wish, but it is crucial.

I need hearing aids. Due to Lyme, one of many losses, was my hearing, just when my only daughter was young. I’ve been dealing with it now for over 11 years. I remember going to my first Lyme support group and left in tears because I couldn’t hear anything.
I have been shoved in grocery stores, almost run down in the street, trip and lose my balance, have lost proprioception, have become reclusive, angry and frustrated all because of hearing loss. It affects all of the relationships I have left. It has become a safety issue. I can’t hear the doorbell, can’t hear my sick daughter calling out to me at night, can’t hear important things that I need to communicate to others about Lyme and it started in my 40’s! I am 56 and should be out advocating more and going to meetings. I’m not even in treatment now, even though I was bitten 3 more times since the summer, because we have to use resources for my daughter’s treatment.

I was told that the hearing loss is so severe that I need the behind the ear type. I believe they will run about $1,500 to $2000 from Costco, the cheapest I could find.

Thanks so much in advance for any help. My paypal is and my home phone, if needed is (540)635-9280


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  1. Try contacting your State Vocational rehabilitation office. Every state has one. They will pay for hearing aids and the exams to get tested and fitted for the hearing aids.

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