Bevan Jeffery

Bevan’s Painting. Perhaps he is here now in his beautiful place he created.

Lyme Australia Recognition & Awareness

It is with great sadness that I pass on the information that on the 25th of February, 2015, the constant battle with illness and the fear of perhaps never being able to overcome Lyme and return to a healthy life simply became too overwhelming for Bevan Jeffery of Western Australia.

Bevan’s family will be holding a private funeral ceremony for him of the 9th of March commencing at 11:00am Western Australia time. (9am QLD time, 10am NSW time). Please send Bevan, and his loved ones your wishes for peace and strength to get through the tough times ahead at this time.

More on Bevan from Kate Daniels: Bevan Jeffery, 44, of Manjimup in Western Australia. Bevan was a very special human being, a much-loved family member and friend to many, a lover of classical music and a very talented artist. His passing is a huge loss and has rocked the local community.

Thank you to Kate for the above words about Bevan, and for passing on messages of condolences to his family and friends, and also for liaising with them as to the most appropriate time to make the passing of Bevan public. The link to Bevan’s blog – with an updated blog description shortly before his death appears to be his farewell message.

The picture of the almond tree attached to this post is from Bevan’s collection of art on his blog.


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