Many people ask why Lyme is so hard to treat and permanently get rid of. One of the reasons is because of Biofilm. When spirochetes are exposed to a threat such as your immune system or antibiotics, it forms into a cyst or a biofilm where it can live without the threats being able to reach them. Here are some videos and articles to help you understand.

Check out this article by Dr. James Schaller to understand more.




One thought on “Biofilms”

  1. Lost my dang comment..…link to personal biofilm story
    NO DR has seen it nor will even look at a pix of a tick in my scalp. I kept taking photos because a camera sees what the eyes do not. I would think if a Dr could actually see my skin as it is….well, I would be treated completely differently. I am treated so horribly if I even write about it I get upset. Suffice to say, I have experienced treatment no one should have to. One Dr even called the police on me when I had a seizure. My first time in a police car at age 56 accused of drugs and taken against my will to mental health ward 60 miles away from my home. Was not luck I tested clean. It’s because I’m sick—not a drug user. I have worse stories….please view my video. Share it and maybe someday a Dr (LLMD) will see it and help me..I have given up in Cali trying to prove Lyme. I’m getting Lyme protocol drugs from 3 that think Lyme, but refuse to write it on paper. I realize the witch hunts for Lyme drs, so no wonder. Thanks 4 reading.

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