Breanna’s Story: A Plea for Help, Lyme Disease Misdiagnosed as MS

Breanna’s Story

My 27 year old daughter, Breanna, was misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in April, 2011. I hired a doctor last February, who had her tested by Cyrex Labs out of Arizona. We had several “Arrays” completed by Cyrex, but more specifically we had the Pathogen Array completed,  which showed that she had antibodies to Borrelia burgorferi, Mycoplamsma, and MANY other pathogens.

The Pathogen Array just came out last November, 2016, so it is relatively new. Many do know know about this test. So, my daughter has Lyme disease, and not Multiple Sclerosis. I can send her Cyrex test results if you are interested in seeing them.

Her story is very tragic. Her health took a turn for the worse when she came down with pneumonia in December, 2015. She was put on a feeding tube because she aspirated at the hospital. She recovered from the pneumonia and septic shock. She returned home on the feeding tube until April, 2016, but got pneumonia and sepsis again. She’s been away from home ever since. Tragically, she went into cardiac arrest in June, 2016, but survived by the grace of God. It was necessary to do a tracheotomy to save her life. She was put on a ventilator for over a month in ICU, but weaned off in a specialty hospital in a short few weeks. She ended up back on a ventilator and was sent to a ventilator care facility two hours away from home for five months. I sold what assets I had to move to be with her at the vent facility. There is much more to her story…

A lot has transpired since last March, when she was hospitalized. She has been transferred “15” times, from one hospital to another. She is now weaned off of the ventilator and on 40%-60% oxygen and is in a Nursing Facility.

I am a single parent and I need financial help, to help her. I have been hired to take care of her at home, once she returns.

We also have a local LLMD, who has accepted her as a patient.

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Christine Long

2 thoughts on “Breanna’s Story: A Plea for Help, Lyme Disease Misdiagnosed as MS”

  1. I also thank you, Lisa, for presenting the stories of people facing the total devastation that is Lyme Disease. I am so weary of the misunderstandings and myths surrounding it. It’s such high time for Lyme to get the serious recognition it deserves. It’s so much more than a rash and a sore knee! The early spins on Lyme seemed to stick and I think because the public want to believe that they can be immune to such disasters in their own lives.

    It’s not a pretty story with a tidy happy ending. I am angry that the CDC and others have mislead the public about tick & vector borne pathogens…implying they are extremely rare….implying they have easy answers with antibiotics, etc. A pack of lies has been dissseminated regarding Lyme and we have only people like you to show the truths. So I thank you, Lisa….for telling the inconvenient truths. They must be told. People need to be warned and appropriately concerned. I know how Lyme has impacted me. 💚💚💚💚💚

  2. Thank you Lisa for posting this and making it available for others and that takes them know about Christine’s daughter and their situation.

    God bless you lisa for the work you do here and have done on your website Which is just outstanding. Kudos to you. Hope you are doing better than last time when we visited. You’re in my thoughts and prayers also.

    Iowa friend to Lisa and Christine

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