Brianna Keeley Brane

Brianna Keeley Brane

Tribute from her friend Shelby Schmidtt

Brianna, left, with her friend Shelby.

“Brianna Keeley Brane was talented. She could do gymnastics and art beautifully, she worked hard at anything she tried at, whether it was school or a job. She made me laugh so hard so often. She loved her mom and sister, her niece Marley, and the rest of her friends and family. She was a warrior and fought until the very end. I love her so much. She was my best friend since high school, and she treated every person she met, rich or poor, popular or weird, with the exact same level of kindness and respect. She was an incredible person and would do anything for anyone she loved. She taught me so much and there is a huge gaping hole in my chest now-the only comfort I can take is knowing that my beautiful girl is no longer in the horrendous amount of pain she had been in for so long. My love for you knows no bounds Bri Bri. We shouldve had a whole lifetime to make each other laugh. But god, I am so thankful we got the years we did get bae. All the memories I got to make with you, I’ll carry them forever. Because I knew you, I have been changed for good. Rest in peace my warrior angel…I will always love you.”

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Here is a picture Brianna’s mom Debbie made for  her for the Global Lyme and Invisible Illness (GLIlo) campaign, “Red Shoe Day” to recognize those we lose to Lyme disease.

angel wings

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