Bryan Bower

Bryan Bower

Bryan Bower

Bryan Bower

Tribute to Bryan

Don’t follow my starlight
It goes well beyond and you must stay
and drift away until you too are gone
– Bryan Bower

Bryan Christopher Frydenberg Bower
June 28, 1982 – May 2, 2011.

Bryan was born in Oslo, Norway, on a half moon night to the delight of his parents, Jerry and Jia. At a mere 4 weeks of age he took his first bath in the ocean surrounding our summer house in southern Norway, safe in dad’s arms. Bryan grew up with his family in Irvine, California, with frequent trips to see his dad’s family and friends in Michigan. He excelled in school and was on the Woodbridge High School wrestling team. However, when he met rock climbers at the Master’s College in Santa Clarita, he found his true passion. He could both lead and follow multiple-pitch climbs, always safe and never reckless, patient and encouraging to new climbers. Bryan could be trusted 100% and trained to scale the 3, 000 foot vertical face of El Capitan in Yosemite, a place he loved. His friends miss him enormously.

At some point, probably on his beloved island in Norway, Bryan was bitten by an infected tick and contracted Lyme disease. It was not diagnosed until several years later, by which time the illness had become chronic. The devastating disease invaded his nervous system and kept him in debilitating pain. But he wouldn’t give up: he agreed to one invasive treatment after another, but the pain only grew. Bryan, whose name means warrior, fought like the lion he was. His last years confined him to his bed nearly all the time, in agony.

Bryan was an artist, a philosopher, and a poet. For love of his parents and all he knew he could give the world, he did battle against the overwhelming enemy for years after an ordinary man would have given up.

This quilt square was made for Bryan by Christina Murphy.

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4 thoughts on “Bryan Bower”

  1. Your son’s remembrance page reminded me of my own 29 yr. old son, who suffered from some of the same symptoms .He died on October 8, 2017 and I still grief. Maybe Bryan and Kevin can be friends in heaven and enjoy all the good times they were deprived of in heaven.

  2. Dear Family of Bryan,

    I just saw this page tonight, as I was looking for a song by one of my favorite musicians, Bryan Bowers. I forgot to type the “s” and so I found your beautiful son’s memorial page instead. My heart is breaking for your Bryan as I listen to one of Bryan Bowers’ beautiful songs “A Place in the Heart” tonight.

    I had Lyme Disease in Minnesota for 5 years–mostly untreated for 2 years with many neurological symptoms, and my life was confined to my parents’ home mostly laying in bed. Some how with support and months and months of IV antibiotics I finally recovered.

    I wish I had known your son, wish I could have visited him, wish I could have encouraged him the way I found encouragement. I hope this note does not make you feel sad but know that I was deeply touched by his story and want to give encouragement and hope to others in any way I can. With love and blessings to you and Bryan’s memory. -Janelle

  3. Thank you so very much Christina, for this beautiful remembrance. I have a feeling that Bryan knows about it too, and maybe did the second you finished it, up in heaven…

    Jerry Bower, Bryan’s Dad

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