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Byron White, creator of the Byron White Formulas™, has been a practitioner in the natural health field for 37 years. On his website it says that Byron is both European and Western trained in natural health modalities. He is also a counselor as well as a naturopathic practitioner. He  specializes in clinical herbology, nutrition, bio-resonance, bioenergetics, neuro-cybernetics, neuro-immunology and medical hypnotherapy. He has put together 37 formulas to help people get to better health naturally. More About Byron White Here.


Holistic Alternative Medicine Treatment Options by Dr. Karima Hirani, MD

Disclaimer: As with any Lyme disease or other chronic illness treatments, there are good experiences and bad experiences. We at do not promote or endorse any treatments. We are just collecting data and experiences and bringing them to you to help you start researching and educating yourself. We hope this information will help you and your medical provider find the right healing tools for you.

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