Call to Action! Please Vote!

butterWorldwide Lyme Borreliosis  Association needs your help!

Your vote could help donate $10,000 to the Worldwide Lyme Borreliosis Association.

What to do:

Simply vote for Karen (Founder of LARA and co-founder of WLBA) at the below link.
Vote Here!

Don’t Forget to:

PLEASE DONT FORGET TO GO TO YOUR EMAIL and click on the link to “verify” and validate the vote! You’re vote won’t count until you do this step!

Thanks so much in advance for helping Karen and Lisa Hilton (WLBA founders) continue their awareness work and helping us achieve our aims.

WLBA Website:


A Little About WWLB

WWLB Projects

International Resource
A Directory for international news, support groups, websites.

Theda’s Foundation Website:
A remembrance website to keep Theda’s memories and dreams alive.

Red Shoe Day:
A day to remember all we lost to Lyme Disease.

Holiday Events:
We provide online events for those who are home along for the holidays. Next year we intend to send carepackages to children who have Lyme Disease.

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