Call to Action: “Stop the Pandemic” Lyme Petition

Stop the Lyme Pandemic

Petition published by World Lyme Day

Petition Background (Preamble):
Lyme Disease is the most under funded disease that exists. Continually we are told that it’s not a Pandemic yet we see rapid growth of the disease Worldwide. Our petition is to prove that this is more than epidemic and has grown to pandemic extremes.

Our Petition is to gather information that we will be able to provided to Governments worldwide. Gathering the numbers of Lyme patients will give us the power to speak up for the millions that do not have a voice. It’s time we show the governments that we exist.


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One thought on “Call to Action: “Stop the Pandemic” Lyme Petition”

  1. Hope we get a real good cure soon and one that does not have so many side effects from the medications.

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