Can Lyme Disease and other Tick Borne Illnesses be Fatal?


Can Lyme Disease and other Tick Borne Illnesses be Fatal?

This article will be disturbing to those who are battling tick borne diseases already. And we use the term “tick borne” lightly as we believe Lyme is spread by more then just ticks. (See methods of transmission)  But we want to get the truth out about Lyme disease. We don’t want to cover up facts or make it look “less scary” then it is to safeguard some people’s feelings or fears. We need the public, media, medical community, IDSA and CDC to know how serious this is.

There seems to be a myth out there that Lyme is easily diagnosed and easily treated, and more then one doctor has told me that Lyme disease is not fatal. None of these doctors, by the way, ever tested me for any of the other co infections that ticks spread also. They just either didn’t know about the other infections, or they don’t seem to think they are important enough to test for, even though I was presenting mulitiple symptoms and declining severely in health.

Most of us go on to linger for years in this limbo of pain, suffering and losing life as you knew it. Is this the reason the deaths of Lyme are ignored? Do people think just because we are alive that we are living? And thus, it doens’t matter? Well, if you are interested in the truth about Lyme disease being fatal, please visit the Lyme Memorial. 

~ Lisa Hilton

Here are deaths that happened in less then two weeks from tick bites:

New tick-borne virus discovered after the death of Kansas man
KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A new, never before seen virus has been discovered in Kansas. The CDC is now investigating after the tick-borne illness, dubbed “Bourbon Virus,” was linked to the death of a Kansas man.

Three die suddenly from rare Lyme disease complication
One was found dead in a car that veered off the road. Two others collapsed and died suddenly without warning. All three may have been killed by an infection known for causing long-term misery, but not one usually considered a killer — Lyme disease.

Tick bite likely caused death of Hudson Valley teen: doctors

N.J. confirms Warren County woman died from state’s first case of rare tick-borne disease

Oklahoma health officials say man dies after acquiring Heartland virus, linked to tick bites

Girl Dies After Tick Bite Infection

Deadly Tick Virus Eyed in Death of NY Teen Who Collapsed in Yard

Second Death From Tick-Borne Heartland Virus Reported in Oklahoma

The sudden death of an O’Fallon Illinois paramedic has left the community stunned. 46 year old Michelle Heap was admitted to the hospital Monday and died the next morning. Officials suspect a tick bite may have killed her.

Visit the Lyme Memorial 

A list of people who passed away from Lyme disease, suicide or a Lyme caused condition.

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