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The Situation:

I have had Lyme over 8 years. I was in a wreck in the mountains where I live and asked about the bullseye on my leg, but dr’s insisted it was from the steering wheel-I was buckled in the backseat and impossible to get any bruise from steering wheel.  I’m currently being treated for babasiosis-only my obgyn and foot dr. Will give me any meds (dyflucan, flagyl and rarely-doxy) and my new primairy for unknown reasons has cancelled any further biopses. The only 2 I have had showed candida, , lichen, protoazoa, bacteria, gerd,  diverulalosis, gastritus, more I can’t remember then decided I was paranoid schitzoprenic and ‘you,’re fine.’


Wish #1 biggest wish is to have my bald head biopsied-not for cancer, but bacteria, fungus and heavy metals. I’m a strawberry blond and my ‘hair’ rotted and is replaced with painfull black things that if not shaved off, result in burning skin, sores and worse.

Wish # 2 is to have a place to recouperate. I’m basicly homeless. I’m living in an RV I bought last year in a driveway with no running water, no generator, no bath, kitchen except microwave. My old landlord allows me to stay in his driveway if I cook and clean for him. He’s pretty crazy-I know he’s Ill, and his dog is dying/bleeding  and I can’t seem to ever get his home clean enough to get any of us better. We lost one dog, 3 cats and an old roomate all dead the last few months. He’s a compulsive hoarder, spends all his money on internet scams despite owing me over $2,000.  In the meantime, my beautiful RV is now so messed up it won’t even start. It has been infested with spiders, mites, mold, and ticks. I have been bitten by so many insects-I can’t believe I’m still alive. My foot dr pointed out I have a huge biofilm probllen and also told  me I have granulomas-I believe I,m the one spreading disease from shedding specks everywhere-I am often aware of a cloud of specks that seems to follow me everywhere.

My #3 wish is for people to see and comment on my video about biofilm formation and the use of a camera for diagnosing Lyme or any disease that can hide n biofilms. I think of the famous sneeze photo-it changed how the world thinks about how disease is spread. That photo gets a chemical brain reaction ‘warning-germs’ not seen by the naked eye, yet believed to be absolutely true. Why humans believe ‘invisable’ hings can cause everything fron TB to Valley Fever by being carried around in air-yet when it comes to Lyme, it causes so much resistance in belief of it existing, a person can end up like me-mostly blind, emaciated, shunned by others, slurring, bald, broke, scared and alone.

I am working hard to change perceptions and instill possibilities when it comes to Lyme.
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I dream of playing music again-traveling to people in need-educating and offering anything I can to persons trapped by illness. f I could get better I can accomplish miracles and maybe even remember how to spell) Haha.

Thanks 4 reading.

Carol  Lynn Lamoureux

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