Cases of Children Affected by Lyme Disease in 2017

Cases of Children Affected by Lyme Disease and other Tick Borne Illnesses in 2017

Here is a collection of articles from 2017 regarding children who either suffered serious tick borne induced illnesses or passed away from them.  If your child gets bit by a tick, or other bug and develops strange rashes or symptoms please seek out help quickly. These infections disseminate quickly through one’s body. Quick treatment is the best way to cure these infections. Once you get past the first stages of these infections, it becomes much harder to treat.

As we keep hearing stories of doctors turning away children who were bitten by ticks, and refusing to treat them, and the parents having nowhere to turn, we’d like to spread these stories hoping they will reach the medical mainstream. We hope that Lyme disease and the other tick borne infections that are increasingly being passed to children will become medical mainstream knowledge and soon. We have lost too many children already to these diseases.

If you suspect your child is sick, and you are having trouble getting a doctor to diagnose or treat your child, please don’t give up. Don’t question your own judgement. You know your child better then anyone, so trust that gut instinct and keep searching for help. Reach out in Lyme support groups, or follow up with Lyme disease pediatric specialist, Dr Jones. Do whatever you can to try to get help for your child.

You can send us your child’s “Lyme story” by Contacting Us Here.

    “Following his participation in an outdoor camp, a 12-year-old boy suffers sudden cardiac arrest, later attributed to Lyme disease. In the February 2017 issue of HeartRhythm Case Reports, doctors describe what they believe is the first case of a Lyme disease patient presenting as fulminant myocarditis and cardiac arrest. Lyme disease has been associated with junctional ectopic tachycardia (JET) and fascicular tachycardia. In this instance, JET was secondary to fulminant myocarditis.”
  • Family: Toddler died after tick bite
    “Two-year-old Kenley Ratliff from Plainfield died Sunday. Her family suspects she was infected with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever after getting bitten by a tick. “She was the light of their life,” said family friend Monica Kirby. Kenley spent most of her young life wearing a huge smile and sharing a bright presence. But she spent her final days covered in tubes, in and out of the hospital. She went from healthy to dangerously sick in a week.  “Yes, within less than like five days,” Kirby said. “Her little body couldn’t handle it.”
  • A rare tick-borne disease infected a baby, the first case in a new state
    It started with fever and vomiting. Then the 5-month-old baby developed facial twitching, stiffening of his right arm and seizures. The family rushed him to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Note: We would like to note that many of our readers who have sent in their “Lyme or other tick borne infection stories” say that it was not actually a tick that transmitted these infections. Whereas mainstream medicine may have not “proven” yet that Lyme and these other co infections come from other insects, patient experience would suggest otherwise. There is research showing that other insects carry these multiple infections, it just has not been proven “yet” that they can transmit them. Read this research here on other bugs that carry these infections, viruses and parasites.

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