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Cathy’s Story

lyme and moldI feel very Blessed to wake up in a house as a family. It was 6 months ago today that I couldn’t live in a house. We stayed in our car 72 hrs at a time on the hottest days. Then we would check in the only ECO hotel I could stay at to rest and shower. We did that for 12 weeks straight.

Then I was able to stay in a tent with all the screens opened. I was so thankful to have a nice tent and then my brother build us a shower it was so nice. We thought we would find a house before it got cold. Normally in GA it doesn’t get as cold as it did. Several nights in felt like 10 degrees but God kept us warm and safe. We weren’t in the safest area at all. Your going to laugh at this but I got Joel to get a little locker that you use for a locker so I could lock the tent when he wasn’t there. I knew someone still could get in if they tried.

I kept asking God for us to be in a house by Thanksgiving well as a lot of y’all know we walked out of the tent Thanksgiving morning. I was very worried did we make the right decision because this house is way over our budget. I also worried was it going to make me sick. I am still living in the family room and will be until we get a pure air filter system for the whole house. That is better than living in a car or a tent.

The worst thing about living the way we did was we were separate from our kids. That was the hardest thing for me. Now I am so Blessed because we are in a house together. I am trying not to worry about how were going to be able to stay here. Because I know God found this house for us. After looking at houses for 5 months and they all made me very sick. I believe in my heart God wants me to keep sharing His story. My plans are to write a book one day on how Mold can make any disease a lot worse for you.

I also feel like God has Blessed me with 2 different business that will help our family and so many others. He also is Blessing Joel with being able to do side jobs for people. Our story started in Jan. 2012 when Cameron became very ill. Then not long after that Anna was having all kinds of problems. I fought with many of doctors. While that was going on I was having a hard time breathing in our bedroom. Joel did everything he could to clean it good. We had to move up to my sons bedroom because I couldn’t breathe. I thought it was asthma I would do three breathing treatment it wouldn’t do any good.

One night I felt like I was dying. We left the house we owned went stayed at a hotel. We were told by Allstate that they would pay for it. Also pay to get rid of the mold. They didn’t pay a single dime and it was there fought that we had black mold all under the hardwoods floors. After we realized they weren’t paying for the hotel or to fix it. We had no idea where we were going to stay. Because I couldn’t stay with any of our family because they lived in old houses. We were Blessed with 3 wonderful families to stay with for 6 months.

While we were staying at the last families house both kids weren’t doing good at all. We had to take them to New Haven CT to see a Lyme doctor. When we got back we realized the kids needed there on bedrooms. We rented a house and we thought everything was better. Then last Oct I turned the heat on it my car and I didn’t think about my car having mold from our house. Well it did and I got very sick. I couldn’t even ride in a car with a mask with a hepta filter.

This time last year I thought it was the end of the World that I couldn’t do anything with my family at Christmas. I really got very depressed because I was not a home body. I could t leave the house at all. Finally the day before Christmas Eve I bought a almost new car. I made all the rules where there was drinking or eating in my car. We were so careful not to get anything in it.

Until 6 months ago when I went into anaphylactic shock at the house we were renting. I had to walk out and not go back in. I then started living in my car. Never dreamed that it would take us over 5 and half months to find a mold free house. At that point I didn’t realize that mold wasn’t going to be the only thing I had to worry about. I didn’t know that new paint new carpet and any kind of chemicals were going to make me very sick. I can’t even begin to telling you how many house we went into.

I felt so sorry for my kids before every one they were hoping I didn’t get sick. We had already look at a ton of houses 6 months before that because I didn’t realize it was the mold in my car making me so sick. There were days when I wanted to give up for a few seconds then I would realize satan would win. I would start Praising God for the house He had picked out for our family by Thanksgiving. He did I am sitting on a air mattress in our family room. It is a amazing feeling being with our kids again.

I Praise God every day that He’s going to provide for us to stay here some how. Please if you would share our fundraiser page. Also please share the Tru Vision I am doing. Also the organic Tea and coffee. If you live or know anyone in Atlanta please share Joel’s business. I believe in my heart I went through all this to help others. I am here for anybody if they have questions. I want to thank everyone that has donated to us. Also for all the Prayers and encouraging words through all this. Love and Hugs please share you never know who this may help.

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