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If you would like to help Charlotte, please paypal the money to

A couple friends got together and wanted to do this fundraiser for Charlotte because of all that she has done for us. This year Charlotte spearheaded the “Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Protest.” A protest that involved over 30 countries.

During the time we have gotten to know Char, we have also realized she is an artist and photogragher. During her making of the WWLP video, her computer started acting up. Several computer friends tried to help her to no avail.If Char loses her computer she will lose connections to the outside world. For those of you who don’t know about Lyme Disease, it is a very isolating disease and most of your social connections are online.We know Char has lots of important work left to do, between planning next years protest and working on all her beautiful photographs she has to inspire others and remind them of all the beauty that is still left in this world. So this is our way of thanking her for work she has done and giving her a chance to stay connected and create even more art.

If you can, please help out. Even $5 can make a difference!

If you would like to help Charlotte, please  paypal the money to

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