Check out the Lyme Car! Way to go our Canadian Friends!

Message from Linda Kelso:

Check out this wonderful Lyme Event brought to life by Colony Ford Lincoln Dealership in Brampton, Ontario. Kim who is the co-owner has been improving since she began treatment for Lyme disease so she and her husband came up with the idea of a car promoting Lyme Awareness. Sign Central designed and did up the decals. The car is so fabulous. It was used in May at the First Annual Brampton Walk-a-thon for Lyme which at last tally has raised $20,000 for CanLyme.

This past weekend we were able to “borrow” the Lyme Mobile for the Markham Village Music Festival and a small group of helpers (none of whom knew anything about Lyme before they came out, they are just wonderful people) and my husband and I handed out 1,200 copies of the new CanLyme brochure along with a chat about Lyme. We were all delighted to have reached that many people.

Big news is that the Lyme Mobile went to Ottawa – the nation’s capital – yesterday because it was a special day for Lyme in Canada. One of the Members of Parliament was tabling a federal bill to establish a national strategy in Canada for testing and treating Lyme disease. This is perfect, now we need Canadians to lobby their Members of Parliament asking them (telling them!) to support Elizabeth May’s private member’s bill on Lyme disease in the fall.
Click here for more on Elizabeth May’s Bill on Lyme Disease.

The Lyme Mobile will be out and making appearances across Southern Ontario this summer promoting Lyme Awareness.


Please stop by Marlene’s Blog to see more pictures and find out the details and look at her online album of the walk in Brampton!








One thought on “Check out the Lyme Car! Way to go our Canadian Friends!”

  1. Kim, you rock! Thanks to everyone who has made this car possible! It is wonderful.
    My family has been struggling through mis-diagnosed Lyme. Finally got a correct diagnosis in 2006 after having presented a bulls eye rash while camping at Long Point Provincial Park in July 2002 9Canada’s first Lyme endemic area)

    No local MD.’s knew what was wrong but finally got diagnosed after moving across the country due to health reasons……… is a book in itself, as is the story of countless Canadian who are going undiagnosed!

    MS was suggested as was fibro and CFS etc etc….. Positive IGE to EBV and a few more things- but still no docs knew what to do……..Timing is key with a Lyme diagnosis- so I thank those on the forefront of Lyme awareness.

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