Children and Teens Raising Lyme Awareness

childrenA wall/mural dedicated to Lyme Awareness.
This is where students can all draw up posters or art, or even paint directly onto a wall and do an art project together about Lyme Awareness.

Lyme Green Day
With permission from the school ask if you can have a day dedicated to Lyme Disease where everyone could where lime green attire (shirts, bracelets, jewelry, shoe laces, hats)

Face Painting
Get the school’s permission to have a facepainting hour, maybe at lunch or at an after school event or sport event. Paint Lyme Ribbons or other fun green pictures on each others faces.

Lyme disease Power Point
This site has posters you can print out, a power point show and a lot of school educational ideas

Bake Sale
Bake lots of fun lime green cupcakes, rice krispie treats or whatever you can think of
Put out Lyme Disease Brochures (You can get them for $10 here)

Then you can donate the money to Lyme Research or to Lyme patient fundraisers at

Lyme-Aid Stand
Instead of lemonade, sell lyme aid and donate the profits to a sick Lyme patients in need
Or donate it to Lyme Foundations Then you can donate the money to Lyme Research or to Lyme patient fundraisers at

Featured Children


wwpkids (1)

Dominic: Was recognized by the Worldwide Lyme Protest after his freind Teri Birch let them know how much Dominick had participated in some Lyme Awareness events.  He is very passionate about Lyme Disease awareness. He began wearing his Lyme Awareness shirt very frequently according to his mother and then decided to wear it for his school photo despite his school objecting to it.

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