Chlamydia pneumoniae

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Chlamydia pneumoniae (now called Chlamydophila pneumoniae) is one of three Chlamydia species that can cause pneumonia in humans. They are Gram-negative cocci bacteria present throughout nature. Untreated, these infections can become chronic.


Chlamydia pneumoniae in the respiratory tract causes atypical pneumonia, a persistent cough, headache, and a general ill feeling. The bug may also cause infections such as bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, and sinusitis. Many people who have it experience no symptoms or only mild symptoms, which explains the “walking pneumonia” name. If fever is present, it usually occurs early in the infection. Unlike most other pneumonia-causing pathogens, C. pneumoniae can cause a fairly severe sinusitis.

Person-to-person transmission by respiratory secretions.
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Most commonly, a blood test is done to measure IgM (acute) and IgG (chronic) titers for C. pneumoniae. But results  may not be reliable if the infection is new since the IgM antibody response can take up to 6 weeks to appear in the body and the igG response up to 8 weeks. Chest X-rays, the standard method to diagnosing regular pneumonia, usually show little or nothing for C. pneumoniae.

A promising laboratory diagnostic technique is polymerase chain reaction (PCR) cell culture of throat swab or sputum. However, most doctors’ offices, hospitals, and laboratories don’t offer this test yet.

Although this is not linked to other tick borne illnessese I am including it in this blog because I have noticed a lot of people infected with Lyme also have this.


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  1. I am almost sure that Chlamydia pneumonia is the start in around 79/80/81 that resulted in severe Lyme type symptoms. Never treated for this walking pneumonia but so many symptoms of infection over 37 years including extreme low temps/ many psych hospitalizations, ongoing cysts/ thyroid/ glucose. Since diagnosed with Lyme and getting very aggressive treatment (since March 2016) glucose/thyroid issues all gone. A lot of pus coming out of me in many areas. To complicated but most likely got it from my husband. Lots of issues with him/the whole family/ the whole area that he grew up in/ other extended family members too especially lately. My belief staph infection which may even involve the water supply. This area has a enormous amount of persons diagnosed with Lyme. I know this is far fetcher but can not be ignored in my opinion. This bacteria is very contagious too. 2 of my 3 grown up kids have symptoms. Too many co incidences. Guess who figured this out ! not traditional doctors but me the patient. Sadly was told to be totally nuts during this hellish trip getting to the diagnosis of Lyme and now asked about IV treatment by infectious disease dr since I tested pos for IGg chlamydia C pneumonia He told my husband that I needed to be controlled as he totally does not accept that I can have any chronic bacterial infestation. I said to him “I am about ready to hit you” but did not.

  2. do you know what you take to treat this?
    thank you.
    I have lymes but I also have a feaver.
    I was biten while in India by everything. my legs were all covered my face got biten by stuff. swellings. I stayed 6 months and came back with a lump in my shin and I managed to finally get it out to discover it was a tick. while I was over in india I got really sick around 7 weeks. I thought deli belly finally got me. but I was dog sick for 2 weeks.
    In the end I was taken to a doctor who gave me a injection in the bum, not tetnus as it was a antibiotic
    he gave me 5 types of told me to eat only veg and not drink coffee or basically anything but veg. I picked up in health and never thought anything of it. my fingers and toes were starting to cross over arounf the 4 month mark but just thought I was getting ostio. as I was leaving india my sicky feeling was getting worse and light headed. totally mixed emostions. but kinda knew I wasn’t to good. after 3 weeks I found the tick in my leg and my friend crapped herself. dam its been in for about I don’t know like 5 months by this point. I noticed it after a bike crash and thought it was shrapnel from the accident. then around 5 months ago I’m very angry in nature and people and I’m becoming paranoid and dilluisional and my body aches so badly I cant stand up with out hearing every bone in my body crunching and I felt like my body had shrank in size. still feeling faint and stuff then my legs and knee started to just give in. like my mind was ok but the actual movment of standing was impossible. muscels in my back felt none excistent and totally numb all down my arms and legs. headahces are intense and fever or body temp cant regulate itself to good and I feel like I’m going blind and dumb. like as in dumb going backwards to learning like a infant dumb. feeling lost and slighty loanly. iv dug out a white little flea I think it was a sand flea or those things that are round. it came out and I set fire to it and it kinda jumped away from the flame and then did a popping noise I knew that wasn’t a tick but it wasn’t normal. my shoulders feel like there constantly popping out and popping back in and joints are swollen and very painful strength as vanished to 50% I use to go to the gym big time and I’m very strong as in I can out lift men in the gym so to be so strong one day and the next week imm like this is prity hard to cope with. iv been to the gp and she didn’t believe me until I showed her pictures of all the bites she gave me 4 weeks antibiotics iv just finished the last one today. 2 weeks ago I couldn’t walk. so I read everything on lymes and the cures ect ect. I do believe in nutrients as I’m a ex body builder so I am a naturalist so herbs garlic ext is the forefront of myself. anyhow I take 1000mg ester vit c by solgar.calcium magnesium plus boron and garlic powder 500mg each day and I take a wedge of raw garlic on one of my meals a day I also drink really fast as to get a big load in a quick asorbstion rate of pure orange juice not made from a concentrate but real oranges. I also compiled a treatment plan of in the morning a high hot salt bath with essensal oils in a mixture of 5 lemon grass, cinaman,lavanda.pepermint.eucaliptus I use a exfoliated glove and a handful of salt and natual body wash and exfoliate the skin from head to toe and then shower it off. then a essensal oil treatment of the same 5 oils and mix into a massage oil. apply all over from head to toes. leave on for 2 hours. then shower. the next treatment is a full buld in water soaked for a couple of hours. then massage this all over from top to bottom. leave on and apply as it drys do this for 2 hours. this treatment is still going on but my tablets run out today and I’m not sure I feel any better I’m feeling lymes disease better but I still feel there is something under my skin. I had the sharp nerve end pains aswell so I know about that but I do wonder if I have some kind of worm of bug in my skin

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